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Made In England
watch. Comfortably Numb was awesome, obviously, with Dave Kilminster
performing the solo atop the wall and
picked out by a single light. By the
end we were left mesmerised, astonished and thoroughly entertained. I
just wonder how long it would have
taken anyone to leave who had partaken of a little chemical stimulus
before or during the show; they may
still be walking around the arena now,
dribbling and mumbling inanely!
Within a week I was returning, this
time to see Rush. Once again, fate
had dealt an interesting card because
a few days before the show I received
an e-mail from Julian Cundiff, with a
photo attached. The photo was of
Jules and his friend, Duff, sandwiched
between Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
of Rush. They’d been to see the show
the previous day, and as Duff is a PR
man for a few groups (Rushbeing one
of them), he managed to get Jules
backstage to meet the band. His
description of the show was that it
was very good but that, at times, they
could be a bit self-indulgent! Blimey, I
thought, that was priceless coming
from the tanned one, and I told him
so. Good stuff, though, and made me
look forward to it even more. I, like
Jules, know a bit of Rush but couldn’t
say I’m an ardent fan, unlike my boss,
Ken. He can sing any Rush song you
wish to name, and at the interval did
just that by singing the whole of
‘Jacob’s Ladder’. The start of the
show was one of the best I’ve seen for
ages, really sending themselves up
but bringing a roar from the audience
when they eventually launched into
Spirit of Radio. I probably knew half
the songs from the three-hour set, but
after they’d played the whole of the
album, ‘Moving Pictures’, I berated
my boss for not having put me onto it
before, and ordered it the next day. All
in all, a great gig, ending with a great
encore of La Villa Strangiata. It was
just a pity that we were quite high up
this time, as the acoustics aren’t great
when the sound’s not coming straight
at you.
As well as ‘Moving Pictures’ I
bought ‘Exit, Stage Right’, which is a
live album that came out a few years
back, and with tracks like Trees,
Jacob’s Ladder, Xanadu and La Villa
Strangiata it’s much more indicative
of what you get nowadays. Another
album I bought this month was Thea
Gilmour’s recording of the whole of
Dylan’s ‘John Wesley Harding’. It’s
ideal for her voice and storytelling
style of singing, and her rendition of
All Along the Watchtower is just
beautiful. Can’t wait to see her perform it live.
Finally, I have to say that the BBC
have done it again. Have you seen
‘Inside the Human Body’? What an
incredible series – brilliant filming,
wonderfully presented and absolutely
fascinating facts. All in all an absolute
delight. The Beeb have got some
great programmes on at the moment,
and Springwatch is also a delight,
which is more than I can say for that
appalling ‘Extreme Fishing’ with Robson Green. What an absolute sham
that is! I watched one show, where he
was elated at spearing a glorious
looking fish, and I can’t bring myself
to watch any more. Hideous!
At the beginning of July I’m off to
the Hop Farm Festival to watch The
Eagles, Bryan Ferry, Lou Reed and
Prince to name but a few. Should be
quite a gas – I’ll let you know. n
(Top) Tear down the wall! A visual
extravaganza by Roger Waters.
(Centre) Thea does Dylan, and does
him very well.
(Left) Self indulgent – moi?
(Above) RUSH play BIG drums!


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