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Summer of Sam
rare result. They were down in weight
at 23 and 28lb 8oz after a recent
spawning, but I was happy. It was
after this I decided that I need to get
my teeth into just one lake and leave
the other until another time, so in the
end I called it a day on the Car Park to
concentrate on the Big Lake. If I’m
honest I didn’t make the most of my
time on either water. I tried to fish
them in the way I fished Christchurch
in the summer, but I ended up blanking because I over-baited and hoped
for a hit of fish instead to trying to get
one bite at a time. Although this was
counterproductive at the time, it did
start to pay off later…
On my ninth night on the Big Lake
Long and thick across the back – I thought it might be the Pale Mirror…
...but it had no depth at all – 28lb.
I dropped into the swim known as the
First Point, which is a good passing
swim because it controls the mouths
of both the first and second bays.
There was also a lot of weed out in
front that ranged from high growing
broad leafed bistort, that was breaking the surface in several places to
low lying onion weed and several
types that grew at different levels in
between. Finding spots proved very
tricky, and it took me a few casts to
locate areas I had fished earlier in the
year. A couple had grown over but
others were still there albeit a lot
smaller and harder to hit. It took me a
few casts to get a satisfactory drop on
the three rods, but I went to bed that
night happy that I was fishing well on
all three rods and my confidence was
boosted when a few fish showed in
the dense weed 20 yards away from
two of my spots. In the early hours I
lost a fish off the left hand rod, the
annoying thing being that I had
played it most of the way in, but at
least I had a bite.
At 7am the middle rod tightened up
and I was into another fish, which
stayed hooked this time, and I landed
a 24lb common. With the activity in


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