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Summer of Sam
The hard fighting, scale perfect
common at 35lb 2oz.
the area I couldn’t help but wonder
why the recast left hand rod didn’t
produce another bite. It bugged me
that I didn’t feel the drop, but I reasoned at the time that because I was
using a solid bag it would be presented all right. When I came to redo
the rods for the night, again I found it
tricky hitting the spots on the two
productive rods. The spots were only
small at about 3-4 feet round, but they
were in 12 feet of water so I had
plenty of time to adjust the rod tip to
the correct position before it touched
down so that I’d be bang on the spot
every time. I don’t really bother with
marker floats unless depth is important, so I tend to just lead about with
a braided line until I find a clear spot
and then line it up with a far bank
marker and clip up. It’s then just a
simple case of clipping the fishing
rods to the same distance.
My casts were right on the correct
line and I was hitting the clip ok, but I
just wasn’t getting the drop. This was
annoying enough on the middle rod
that I fished on just a bare rig, but it
was driving me mad on the left hand
rod because I wanted a solid bag on
there, and it takes me about 15 minutes to dry the end tackle and tie the
bag! I thought my clips needed
adjusting, so I clipped up my marker
rod for a lead about. On the first cast
on the left hand spot it cracked down
on the small firm spot, as did the second and third! The same happened
for my middle spot. So there was
nothing wrong with the distance I
was clipping up to and the rod tip
was held in exactly the same position
as the lead sunk so it should be right.
The only difference I could think of
was that my 3lb tc Grey’s Prodigies
were softer than the marker and there
was a degree of stretch in the mono
that wasn’t there in the braid, but I
also knew that there was enough
time on the 12 foot descent for the
mono to contract and the rod to
straighten, so it shouldn’t make a difference.
Then I realised what was happening – there must have been a big bank
of weed behind the spots that was
nearly to the surface! I knew there
was some high weed in front of the
spots because I hit it on the retrieve. I
wasn’t hitting the weed with the
braided marker because there was no
stretch, but the extra few inches
gained by hitting the clip with softer
rods and mono was enough to hit the
bank of weed before the rod and line
had chance to righten themselves. So
I hatched a plan that included standing two steps back from the normal
casting position, I then cast out and
held the rod slightly back of vertical
until it hit the clip, I then stepped forward and slowly lowered the rod tip
so that the lead sank vertically
between the banks of weed. Donk!
The night passed without any
action, and after all the disturbance I
wasn’t surprised, but at 9.30am the
middle rod tightened up and I hit it
before any line was taken from the
clutch. The fish plodded around near
to where I had hooked it until it found
the sanctuary of a weedbed and
everything ground to a halt. I tried
constant pressure and then a slack
line, but it wouldn’t budge, so I
quickly fetched the communal boat
from the next swim down and set out
towards where the fish had taken


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