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My Last Few Months…
been caught, so that once again buggered my plans up.
During these few weeks I had been
offered a ticket on another big southern pit. Very little was known about
the place as it had not had fishing
rights on it for some years but I said
yes to a ticket anyway, as I liked what
I had heard about the lake and it was
in a valley known for producing big
fish. Well, due to a bit of miscommunication between a couple of people I
very nearly didn’t get the ticket, but at
the last minute things were sorted
and my place was secured. It’s a good
job it was too, as just three days later,
completely out of the blue the pit produced a 50lb-plus leather, which
rocked the carp world. I so nearly
missed out on this, so how lucky was
With the leather coming out and
me not enjoying Lenwade I decided
to pull off the lake and start in the big
pit, which I’ll call the Big M. My first
session on there produced a lovely little linear of 18lb, but then I went
through a bit of a lean spell and didn’t
(Top) Looking down the lake at
Lenwade from the A&E swim.
(Below) A Lenwade 22lb common.
catch for a few trips. The 1st June saw
the start on the Road Lake and the
Tuesday afternoon saw all the members meeting up in the car park for the
pre-start barbeque. The draw for
swims had taken place the previous
week in the Perseverance just up the
road. I came out near last and got
No.5 swim. Just one fish was out in
the first 48 hours, the Big Linear, but I
enjoyed my first session on there and
couldn’t wait to return. I did the balance of the week up on the Big M
where I lost a fish due to a hook pull
early on the Friday morning.
My next session on the Road saw
me back in the No.5 on the Sunday
night and in the early hours of Monday morning I had an absolute belter
of a take but lifted into nothing. On
retrieving the rig though it was clear
that I had been done, as the multi rig
that I was using had been pulled
tight. Not a good start to my season
on there!
Over the next month I was doing


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