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My Last Few Months…
my 48-hour session on the Road Lake
and then driving 100 miles on to the
big pit for the balance of the week,
but in that time I caught nothing from
either place, and I was starting to get
a little frustrated. The season on the
Road Lake had started slowly for most
people, and only a handful of fish had
graced the banks in that time.
In early July I did a couple of sessions over on Fox Pool in between the
Road Lake. On my first night I lost a
good fish from Common Corner due
to a quick change clip snapping while
playing it. It was my own fault really,
as I was fishing locked up against a
snag and that was the weak point of
the whole setup. After doing away
with the clip I landed the next fish, a
20lb 8oz common, although I know
this fish was much smaller than the
one I lost. The one I lost really did
Thoughts of the big leather and just
what else could be lurking in the
depths of the Big M soon had me
back up there. My time on Fox Pool
was short lived, and I was soon back
to doing my 48 hours on the Road
from Sunday night and then the balance of the week back up on the big
pit. On one session up there I managed to get on the fish and had three
bites resulting in two fish landed, mirrors of 21lb 4oz and 29lb 12oz. All
three bites came off the same rod and
all were within a five-hour period.
I was happy that my dry spell had
at last ended, and all I needed now
was a Road Lake fish and I would be
happy. Well, the very next session on
the Road Lake that request was
answered when I caught a fish known
as Star. Not the best looking fish in
the lake, but a Road Lake fish all the
same and a welcome sight I can tell
you. I was fishing a swim known as
the Reeds as I had seen fish out in
open water up against a small
weedbed that was present. With the
fishing so slow I decided to try something a little different and opted to
fish solid PVA bags of both crushed
boilie and some of the Bait Zone PVAfriendly hemp. This was also fished on
(Top) A Lenwade 20lb 14oz mirror and
a rare smile.
(Right) Sunrise on the Big M.


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