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My Last Few Months…
a helicopter rig with a short 3in hook
link together with a single 15mm bait
topped with plastic corn on the hair. I
cast the bag setup out tight to the
edge of the weedbed where the fish
had been showing, and at 3.20am the
following morning the line pulled up
tight before pinging out of the clip,
and I was in. After a short scrap the
fish got its head in some weed and it
came in quite easily really, and at 28lb
4oz I was more than happy.
The following Sunday I was back
and dropped back into the Reeds
swim after seeing that the fish were
still in that area. I cast out the solid
bag rig again in the hope that it might
work again for me, and it did. At
exactly the same time as the previous
week, 3.20am, and from the exact
same spot, on the Monday morning I
had a take, which after a decent scrap
resulted in me landing a fish known
as Split Pec at a weight of 22lb 9oz.
With two fish in a week from the Road
Lake I was a happy man as I headed
off to the Big M, although the session
up there was a quiet one and nothing
graced my net. After having a couple
from the Road I was keen to get back
(Top) The view from No5 swim.
(Below) 21lb 4oz Big M mirror.
over and give the Reeds another go,
but the next session produced nothing other than liners from the
weedbed rod. The Big M had also
gone quiet and I decided to have a
break from there for a bit.
The following week I couldn’t get
into the Reeds swim as there was
already a member in it, and on getting
in there the week after it was evident
that the weedbed had been smashed
to bits by the fish, as it had simply disappeared. I was back to square one
then and needed to come up with
another plan of attack. The fishing
had picked up somewhat on the lake
now what with Clover, the Dink,
Orange Spot and the Scattered all
being out, as well as several other
good fish. A few fish had been caught
from the Hump swim and it looked as
though they were spending a fair
amount of time in either the No.1
snags or the area to the right of the
Hump. What wasn’t helping the
angling on the lake though was the


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