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My Last Few Months…
fact that someone was baiting up
right in the back of the snags. All this
was doing was keeping the fish in
them and making the angling harder
for everybody including them. I can
never understand why someone
would want to do this, as at the end of
the day a fish will eat whatever is put
in front of them when they are in the
snags, as they know it’s safe food.
Anyway, I arrived for my next session on the Monday morning to find
that the Hump swim was soon going
to be free as a guy was just packing
up. On checking out the area it was
evident that a few fish were present,
so I decided to drop in behind him
and give it a go. From what I could
gather he had not used a great deal of
bait other than a little particle, so I felt
confident with my plan. Once the guy
left I set about getting sorted. I had
decided that I was going to bait the
area round to the right with mixed
particle of hemp, maples, tares, corn
and some crushed boilie. I would then
fish a small pop-up as close to the
lakebed as possible. I tied a rig up
using a size 7 Fang X hook with a
micro ring swivel, almost like a 360
swivel rig but with a standard hook.
The hook link material I wanted to
use was 20lb stealth fluorocarbon.
Once the rig was tied I tested the rig
in the margins. It sat perfectly and I
felt really confident that it would work
well. The other rod I simply cast
straight out in front of me as I wanted
it well away from the other spot.
Really I should have fished the single
rod but you know how it is; I had a
further spot I was happy with so put a
rod on it. This was to almost cost me
dearly later though.
Nothing happened on the first
night but the following morning there
was a load of fizzing over the particle
and I started to get loads of liners
with the line picking up then dropping back down. By late afternoon I
was still to receive a bite and I started
thinking that I had messed up by putting the pop-up over the top. A little
before 7.30pm my friend Clint rang
me and I was telling him my thoughts
(Top) 29lb 12oz Big M mirror.
(Left) Looking out across the lake
from the Reeds


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