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My Last Few Months…
returned I set about packing up. I had
to be away at 11.30 as my 48 hours
would have been up.
On leaving the Road Lake I headed
to Cemex Abbotts Lake to have a
social with a friend. Although I didn’t
catch we did have a good laugh, and
I did have a take at 2.20am on the Friday morning, but I got cut off on a
gravel bar at range. Ben on the other
hand was definitely on the fish and I
think he had five takes in total topped
by an upper-30. Good angling, mate.
The following week I was having the
kids for a few days as it was school
holidays so fishing was a no-go but I
was soon back on the Road Lake’s
banks the following Sunday. The session was a quiet one, and although I
saw fish I felt I was a million miles
away from them. I couldn’t get near to
where they were showing due to
other anglers being on the lake, but
things like that can’t be avoided on
small, busy waters.
When I left the Road Lake at the
end of my session I went over to Horton Church Lake for a look round with
John, one of the Road Lake members.
(Top) Sunrise on Cemex Abbotts
(Below) The Road Lake’s Split Pec at
22lb 9oz.
I had never seen the place before, and
to be honest I really liked it, so much
so that I ended up doing a couple of
nights on there. I fished a swim
known as the Dip, and John dropped
into the Slope, which was the next
swim down. I never had any action
despite having fish in the area, but
John had one of the lake’s big grass
carp, a dirty great 46lb’er in fact. I
enjoyed the session and decided that
I am going to do a bit of time on the
lake through the autumn alongside
the Road Lake. I’ll let you know how it
I’m going to finish off here for this
month, as this takes us up to the start
of September. I’ll bring things right up
to date next month. There are still a
couple of captures I’ve not told you
about, including my first Horton carp
as well as the Road Lake’s Big Fully,
but you’ll have to wait for that.
Till next time… n


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