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Katia Arouses a Lump
hanks for all the positive feedback that I
have received from
my writing in BC so
far. I’ll try and keep
the quality high in the
future, and I hope we have a mild winter so we all have a chance to catch a
few and I can get the odd one to put
in these pages.
After the previous week’s success
on the 1st Point swim I was looking
forward to the couple of weeks I had
booked off work, and this coincided
nicely with a September low front and
some very big winds! I was eager to
get to the lake for a three-night session, and on my arrival the gusts were
very strong indeed as they channelled
down the Nene Valley. There were a
few anglers on the 20-acre lake and
the 1st Point swim was taken. So after
a quick scout around proved fruitless,
I opted to drop into the next point
along, which was unsurprisingly
named the 2nd Point! If I’m honest I
didn’t really fancy fishing the 1st
Point because it was receiving the full
force of the southwesterly, which I’m
told had gust speeds in excess of
(Top) Scenic dawn.
(Below) 30lb 10oz, a nice start in the
new swim after a bream sat on the
hook all night.
60mph that was caused by the backlash of hurricane Katia. But from the
2nd Point I could nestle my bivvy
behind a small bush and still angle my
door to see a small piece of water and
at least one of my rods! I also felt I
was in the correct area because the
fish had been holding up in the dense
weed between the points. I had never
fished the swim before so I just hoped
I could find some clear areas, and
with a little advice from other members I had a good starting point to try
and find some spots. There was a
huge clear area straight out that was
a mixture of silt, gravel and clay, but I
could only find one small area to my
right where I wanted to fish. In nor-
mal conditions I could probably have
got two rods on it, but with the big
crosswinds it wasn’t worth trying,
and besides I had struggled to get
pick ups from small areas I had fished
two rods to in the summer so I opted
to fish one in either half of the tennis
court sized area, straight out.
I managed to get the rods on the
marks without too much hassle, and
then I spodded out a few kilos of The
Edge from Aqua Dynamix in 12mm
and 16mm, with a few broken baits to
help release the flavour of the boilie
into the water. Spodding was very
frustrating in the high winds; my
casting accuracy was compromised,
but attempting to catch the spod for a


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