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Katia Arouses a Lump
refill was the most infuriating part! As
I lifted it out of the water it danced in
the wind and it seemed every time I
tried to grab it a big gust would blow
it out of reach and leave me overstretching and unbalanced. I was surprised I didn’t end up taking a dip, but
I managed to remain dry.
At dusk there was a fair amount of
carp activity to my right in between
the two points and a couple showed
near the baited area. Then around
midnight I received a few beeps on
my right hand alarm, which had me
jumping from my bed to the side of
the rod, but the bobbin returned to
more or less the same position and
the line was still in the clip, so I put it
down to a liner and returned to bed.
The following morning I awoke fishless. I was shocked the right hand rod
hadn’t received a bite, and once the
morning bite time had passed I
decided to reel it in and see if it was
tangled, but I was met with solid
resistance straight away. After a bit of
constant pressure it began to move
and I wound in a ball of weed with an
8lb bream in the middle of it. It must
have been the culprit causing the
bleeps at midnight and kited me into
a nearby weedbed and sat there all
night! For the second time in two sessions I had been wiped out by a
bream all night on my most confident
rod, and I couldn’t help but think that
it had cost me a carp!
I put a fresh rig and bait on the rod
and cast it back to the hole in the
weed. I assumed from the amount of
carp activity in the area that I had
been cleared out of bait, so I topped
the spot up with half a kilo of boilie in
the hope of picking a fish up in the
day. My hope was rewarded two
hours later went the alarm screamed
(Above) Heavily scaled double.
(Bottom) A another 3am bite, 23lb
into action. The fish fought well and
found its way into a weedbed, but the
combination of slack line followed by
constant pressure soon had him moving, and it wasn’t long before I had
nice 30lb 10oz common held up for
the camera. I knew there was a
chance of another fish so after repositioning the rod I topped the spot up
with about 1.5kg of bait.
At dusk there were again a quite a
few shows in the area; a couple were
right over the baited spot and I knew
a take was on the cards. At 9pm as I
stood next to the rod I saw the blue
isotope in the ‘Stow Hanger flicker,
before hitting the rod butt accompanied by the sound of the alarm. The
fish put up a good account of itself,
but I soon had another common in the
net, this time weighing in at 28lb
14oz. I repositioned the rod and
rebaited the spot.
At about 3am I was awoken to the
sound of a screaming alarm, but to my
surprise it was one of the rods
straight out in the big clear area, and
after a short scrap I banked a 23lb
10oz common. As I swung the rod
back for the recast, I could just make
out a big dark shape above the waves
right over the area. I assumed it was a
large duck but I couldn’t remember it


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