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Katia Arouses a Lump
there a second ago and it wasn’t until
it slid back under the surface that I
realised it was a carp! It must have
forced three quarters of its body out of
the water and just hung there for a
while, before sliding back down. It’s a
good job I held the cast back a few
seconds otherwise I might have hit it!
That rod remained motionless for the
rest of the session. The right hand rod
was away again in the morning
though, but the fish came adrift in a
weed bed after a couple of minutes.
As I wound in the rig I noticed the
lead was still attached, and I kicked
myself for pushing the tail rubber on
too far because I would have stood a
much better chance of banking the
fish without the lead acting as a hindrance. I was using PVA bags nicked
onto the hook to minimise tangles,
and on the previous cast the lead had
ejected on impact with surface, so I
think I over-tightened the tail rubber
on the following cast.
The rest of the day passed without
incident and I popped up to the shop
for a change of scenery and to get
some supplies. I had a good lead
about when I got back to see if I could
find another area to the right near
where the fish were showing, but the
wind made it very tricky and the only
spot I found was close in so I tried
that. I also baited up the other rods in
the hope of action. The night passed
without any takes, but towards the
end of bite time the productive rod
signalled a bite. I bent into the fish,
but that didn’t seem to stop it, and it
just took a few more yards of line until
it found the sanctuary of a weedbed. I
tried the usual tricks of slack line and
constant pressure but it wouldn’t
move so I replaced the rod on the
alarm, grabbed my empty barrow, and
ran to the 1st Point where I had left
the boat the previous week. I loaded
the boat onto the barrow and sprinted
back. When I returned to the swim
out of breath I noticed the line looked
tighter on the rod than I had left it but
the receiver hadn’t given a bleep, so I
picked the rod up to find it was still
solid in the weed. I jumped in the
boat and pulled myself out to where
the fish was buried in weed, I hooped
the rod over until it was doubled, but
the fish wouldn’t budge. I could only
see about 6 or 7 feet down before the
water coloured up and I knew it was
11-13 feet deep in the area, so I couldn’t reach it with the landing net pole
to have a poke around and try to free
it, so the only option was to try and
handline it out, but even that didn’t
move it and eventually the 20lb leader
gave way at the knot to a short strip of
leadcore. I was gutted, but in hindsight I think the fish was gone before
I got to it in the boat and it had transferred the hook into the a snag,
because in all the times I have played
fish from boats I have never seen a
fish weeded as solidly as that before,
and the fact the line had gone at the
knot to the leadcore meant the fish
(Top left) An Edge pop-up tied on and
ready to go.
(Below) Six fish in less then 48 hours –
how many will the week bring? 28lb


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