freeline-21 - Page 118

Katia Arouses a Lump
didn’t have enough line to wrap itself
in the weed.
Despite all the boat work I felt it
looked good for another bite, so I
decide to stop for the day. I repositioned the rod and respodded the
area, and after three hours the
delayed pack up paid off and I hooked
another fish. It felt weighty from the
start, but it’s often hard to tell how
much of the weight is fish and how
much is weed. As I slid it over the net
cord I could see I had caught a chunk;
it was a deep-bodied common with a
very destinctive two-tone colouration
on one side. On the scales it registered 35lb 2oz, the exact same weight
as the common the previous week! It
was a fantastic way to end a session,
and really fired me up for my next session that was to be the one-week session that the syndicate allows each
I returned a few days later with five
nights a head of me (I didn’t want to
be away from the family for too long).
The wind was still a strong southwesterly and conditions look very
(Top) The needle went straight round
and settled on 40lb exactly!
(Right) The sun starting to crown on
the horizon and light up the faint mist
on the lake
good. I was surprised that the 2nd
Point was free and quickly dropped
my bucket in to retain the swim
before doing a quick lap, but to be
honest I had made my mind up where
I was fishing. The fish had still been
showing in the thick weed between
the points on my last morning so I
had a good idea that they would still
be there.
The evening passed without
action, but there seemed to be destinctive bite times and the 3am one
started a flurry of action that resulted
in five fish in 24 hours! The first fish
was a 23lb mirror that was a recature
from the summer, and I returned it unphotoed. The next was a mid double
at midday and I was lucky to bank the
following two; I normally redo the
rods for the night at five-ish to get
them settled for dusk. I put one hand
on the right hand rod but then I
decided to give it a couple more
mintues whilst I tied some PVA bags.
As I tied tighten the knot on the last
bag the rod I nearly wound in signalled a take and I landed a long 27lb
I got all three rods back out an hour


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