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Katia Arouses a Lump
still. I must admit that if it was any
other weight I would have just called
it, but I needed to know for definite if
it was on that magical mark or not. So
I quickly unscrewed one of the caps
on Chub Weigh Bar and screwed in a
storm pole, with my foot on the base
of the pole I was able to use it as a
pivot point and hoist the fish up and
hold the whole lot still enough to get
an accurate measurement. The needle went straight round and settled
on 40lb exactly! I thought for a second about all the quizzical looks I was
going to get about saying it was 40lb
on the nose, but it weighed what it
weighed! Besides I had banked an old
dark English warrior and that’s all
that counted. It’s needless to say that
I was elated!
The bites slowed down after the
Big Mirror, but I did have a couple of
violent liners, one of which I struck! I
also managed to lose one off the surface and I netted a mid-20 common
off the bottom, but sometime during
the fight the hook had come out of its
mouth and lodged in its pec, so I
unhooked him in the net and counted
it as a lost fish. On the last morning I
banked an absolute stunner. It was a
long lean, linear, that looked more like
a Linch Hill fish rather than a Nene
Valley one. It wasn’t the biggest at
28lb 2oz, but its looks more than
made up for that and it was a perfect
way to end a memorable and very
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Misty morning
productive session. In hindsight I
couldn’t have timed my holiday any
better; hurricane Katia had really
stirred the fish into feeding and I was
more than happy with 16 bites in two
sessions, which is normally a season’s
worth on the water! n
le e
n g ir e
Si y h abl
d a a il
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