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Elstow 2009 Season
going for a lap of the lake. Whilst I was
walking I kept peering at the lake
thinking to myself, come on, show me
where you are, fish. It wasn’t too long
before I found the only other guy that
was fishing, and we sat down and had
a chat for a bit. He was a really nice
fella, and as we talked he was telling
me the names of the swims and
pointing them out to me. All the while
I was watching the water hoping to
catch a glimpse of something so that
I would have some idea of where to
go. After a while we wished each
other good luck, and I carried on with
my lap of the lake.
I got round to a swim, which I now
know to be the Sluices, which is a little more than halfway round the lake
from the car park, depending on
which path you take. It was whilst
stood in this swim that I thought I
caught a glimpse of a carp out of the
corner of my eye to the left, but I wasn’t too sure. Shortly afterwards a
grebe appeared on the surface not far
from where I thought I had seen the
carp. I carried on with my walk, and
went and collected my barrow and
ended up going back on myself, back
to the first swim you pass (Goose Shit)
as you come down from the car park
path towards the lake. If you carry on
walking down the path directly
behind this swim you come to an area
known as Boathouse Point, which is
the area I thought I had seen a carp a
short while ago. As I sat looking out at
the water in front of me a carp poked
its head out, and a few minutes later
another head broke the surface. I carried on watching, then this beastie
came out of the water almost up to its
wrist. It never made a sound as it
dropped back into the lake, and all
that could be seen was a small flat
spot. I was left thinking to myself that
I had just seen the biggest English
carp that my eyes had ever set their
sights on. I just kept watching the
water for an hour or so and saw
another dozen or so shows. Although
I didn’t catch another glimpse of the
big one again, some of the other carp
that I had seen showing were pretty
bloody big by anyone’s standards.
I believe it would have been a mistake to try and get the rods out. I
decided to get the camp set up first
before having a play around with the
marker float. The island about 50yds
to my left was an obvious choice for
one rod, and I decided to fish towards
the end of the island where I found a
small, clear gravely area with a depth
of six and a half feet. I fished a heavy
hookbait rig to this spot and catapulted a kilo of mixed sized freebies to
the area. The other two rods were
going to be fished with a running
chod rig with a bit of rig foam 6ft up
the main line to act as a back stop
during the cast. After checking how
the rig and the line laid in the margins, I set about getting the rods out
into the lake. After sticking out a couple of kilos of boilies over to the area
where the rigs had landed, I sat back
and carried on watching the water.
It soon became pretty obvious that
the bird life on the lake is mental, with
over 50 swans present and god knows
how many coots. Couple this with a
water depth which is on average 4ft
deep and you just know that there
will be times when there are going to
be problems. By the early evening
30lb 4oz – the final carp of the session.


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