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Elstow 2009 Season
34lb 2oz – my first carp from Wellington Country Park, which fell for a heavy hookbait.
another problem reared its head –
rafts and rafts of floating weed. I was
glad that I was still using the fluorocarbon main line, as it wasn’t too bad
an issue for me, but it still managed to
collect around the tip rings and drag
the indicators to the butts of the rods.
I was still seeing the odd fish show so
was hopeful of possibly getting some
action. Time passes so quickly, and
before long, after a final cup of coffee
and a smoke, I decided to get my head
down for the night. Apart from the
odd bleep from the alarms during the
night, which I guessed was caused by
the weed, I awoke to a beautiful sunrise, biteless.
I just sat there admiring it when the
left hand rod let out a couple of bleeps
followed by the tip on the rod pulling
round. A few minutes later I was looking down into the landing net at this
fairly large mirror. I had noticed the
signs that were about stating that
there was to be no sacking of fish due
to the hot weather, so I set about
doing some self-takes. After securing
the net with a bankstick I got every-
thing else sorted out before hoisting
the net onto the waiting mat and
sling. As I lifted the scales I watched
as the needle settled on 34lbs 2oz –
happy days indeed, and I was well
chuffed. After a few self-takes the
plump mirror was soon back in the
Once I had checked that the rig
was still okay, I attached another
heavy bottom bait to the hair and got
that back out to the area along with
another half a kilo of freebies. The
weed around the tips on the other
two rods needed clearing, so after
doing this I got some breakfast on the
go. I had only just finished eating
when the right hand rod let out a few
bleeps, and as I looked up I could see
that the culprit was one of our large
white-feathered friends. The only
trouble was that he was being chased
by a very irate cob that was protecting his new cygnets. After it had
dragged the right hand rod through
the middle line I was left feeling
pretty annoyed to say the least. It was
to take over an hour to sort the lines
and all the weed out before I could
get the rods back out and be fishing
a g a i n p r o p e r l y. T h e c o m m o t i o n
caused and the ensuing playing of a
swan didn’t do my chances of catching another carp that day any good,
that’s for sure. The rest of the day just
flew by, and once again I was having
dinner and a cuppa before hitting the
land of nod.
There was a period of perhaps
slightly over an hour from half past
one in the morning when I was awake
just listening to the sounds coming
from around the lake. I could hear
some big fish crashing out, and
although I couldn’t see them, it
sounded as if they were close, but
round the other side of the island.
When I did at last manage to wake up
the next day it was pretty late, gone
9am. I got the stove on the go and
made myself a coffee and had a ciggie
to bump start the lungs. Breakfast
was the normal six Weetabix with a
pint of milk and three large spoonfuls
of sugar. I was looking at the rods and
knew I would have to get the chest


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