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Quarry Clothing –A Family Business
Quarry Clothing Co was born from a
passion for angling, instilled in us
(brothers Jason and Craig) by our
grandfather many years ago. 1990
was our first trip to the river with him,
and the bug has never left. Through
the magical Mr. Crabtree and with kit
you would now find in a museum, he
taught us everything he knew and
more about the wonderful sport of
fishing. Starting small with float and
maggot, our sights were set on the
bigger beauties that were out there to
be had. While we both grew as
anglers over the years, other priorities
started to take shape for us with work
and young families of our own…
Jason, the younger of us, became a
carpenter and now runs his own
building company while Craig followed a career in graphic design and
print. Not satisfied with already having enough to do, we got talking
about a new venture, something that
would combine our passions of carp
fishing and great design and hopefully allow us to not only spend more
time on the bank but have more time
together. This time is made even more
special with our own children now
showing an interest and joining us in
keeping Gramp’s legacy alive…
So that brings us to our new venture… Born from conversations
between us in October 2017, Quarry
Clothing Co very quickly came to life,
and many ideas started to materialise.
The main aim was to create fashionable apparel for today’s angler, born of
quality and not quantity. So, we have
created a unique brand of clothing for
the bank and street: functional, highquality gear designed for the dandy
So why Quarry? Well there aren’t
many anglers out there I’m sure who
don’t know that some of the most
prolific waters the length and breadth
of the country are old quarries, and
maybe even fewer would realise that
the fish we catch are also known as
our quarry. This sat so well with us
that we agreed straight away and
stage one was complete.
The logo was next on the list. It had
to be fresh, clean and simple and not
include the generic clip art carp,
mainly to enable its versatility as
fashionable gear and not just bank
rags. With the feedback we have had,
we believe we have achieved this
goal, but we weren’t done there! With
all of the work designing the logo, we
got the idea that we needed to create
a character or symbol to accompany
the brand, something that people
could easily recognise but also give
the brand a slightly urban feel. This
led us to bring the Banquarrior to life.
We got to thinking about the angler
being a warrior of the bank, stalking
their quarry, preparing week in, week
out for the weekend battle and the
idea of the gorilla being one of
nature’s most prolific warriors. The
illustration started to take shape and
wearing his gnarly snap cap, he
needed a name. The Bank Warrior was
the initial idea, but over many conversations, we worked on a number of
options before having the lightbulb
moment... Change the k in bank to a
q, and just like Frankenstein, the
#banquarrior was born.
Having tested the water with our
first run of hoodies, hats, T-shirts and
merch, the feedback we received was
incredible, and we have quickly created a second line including two new
hoodies, crew neck jumpers, joggers
and shorts and will be releasing these
in the next month or so.
We hope to build a brand that can
stand tall with the rest of the great
clothing companies and hopefully
create something for our children to
be part of in time, but most of all we
hope to do Gramp proud and keep his
passion alive.


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