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The Big Carp
Rotary Letter
Here are the questions in brief that you the readers emailed in
following issue 185. Don’t forget to email any further questions
This month Jon McAllister and Lee Jackson give their answers, and
Dave Lane, responds to the questions posed in issue 184.
1) A. Williams from Coventry: How do you determine the height of
the weed in your swim?
2) J. Scott from Blackburn is having problems with foul smelling silt
ruining his bait after an hour.
3) M. McDonald from Harefield: Crayfish nightmare, any
4) L. Smith from Yateley: Moon phases… Is it all bollocks or is there
something in it?
5) S. Wright from Rickmansworth: Sponsored anglers – should we
listen to their advice or are they simply promoting their own bait or
6) Rob Maylin at Big Carp: Mouth damage, how do you avoid it?
Jon McAllister
Due to fishing hard this month, I have
not had the chance to do both a
response to everyone’s answers and
the next set of questions, so for this
month I have just done the questions.
I’m sure I will have something to say
on everyone’s comments though, and
I’ll try to do this next time. Ok then,
over to the questions…
Question 1
The height of the weed in the swim I
may be fishing has never really been
an issue to be quite honest. I do fish
in and amongst the weed, but I’m
more concerned as to the thickness,
or should I say how dense the weed
is. If I’m set up in an area that is pretty
well covered in weed, then I’ll basically have a lead around with a small
lead to try and locate an area that I
feel is clear enough to present a bait.
When the weed is top to bottom,
it’s clear to see from the bank. However, if the weed is in, let’s say, 10ft of
water and is 2-3ft from the surface, it’s
only then that you can’t easily see it.
Having a look from up a tree with a
pair of polarized glasses will give you
the best idea of where looks clear
enough to start thinking about putting a bait. If you can’t climb any suitable trees then a small lead cast about
several times will help you find out
where is most favourable to present a
I’m fishing my rigs on the lakebed,
so the height of the weed is less
important to me. To me it’s all about
feeling that lead down so you feel that
“thump” through the rod as you hit
Question 2
Foul smelling baits also come in
slightly tainted grey or black. This is
just purely down to fishing amongst
the silt. I know it stinks rotten
amongst that lot, but the fish do
sometimes feed in such areas. If you
feel you can’t get a bite amongst such
black silt then it’s just a case of repositioning the rig elsewhere.
Richmond Park is only 4-5ft deep in
most areas and the lake is literally
covered in black silt. There will
always be better areas that will be
clear of the black silt. Try looking for
exposed gravel patches that are actually more often than not kept clean
from the black stuff by feeding carp. It
was down to locating such an area
like this that proved the downfall of
the Royal Forty in Richmond when I
banked it on June 16th 2008.
Question 3
I’m not really the one to answer the
question of crayfish problems, as I
can’t even think of a lake I’ve ever
fished where I’ve had such issues.
The obvious answer to me would be
to either use a fake rubber bait such
as sweetcorn or a fake tiger nut. Alter-
The Royal Forty at just over 45lb from a very silty lake.


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