freeline-21 - Page 143

Horton, Fosters and Midnight Mixers
had returned from another
two-night blank at the Car
Park (which hadn’t offered its
usual respite from the planes
due to the Farnborough air
show) and went into the
lodge to sign in. I ended up staying in
there for an hour or two talking and
drinking tea (time flies). Eventually I
decided it was time to go and have a
look for some fish, said goodbye to the
lads, walked down the steps into the
Lodge Steps swim and immediately
saw signs that carp were present
with weed stems knocking and little
patches of fizz. I put a bucket down
and went back into the lodge to break
the news! No more time wasting now,
and the van got unloaded at warp
speed and my gear moved the few
yards to the swim. That was much
easier than I thought it was going to
The way the weed had grown in
the Lodge steps this year was perfect.
In my previous seasons there had
been ribbon weed from the edge out,
but this season there was very little
up until about 8 or 10ft from the bank
making it much easier to hide the
(Top) Loads of interesting bits in the
lodge to help pass the time.
(Below) Gizmo at 27lb 14oz.
main lines. Both rods were placed up
against the start of the ribbon weed
with a spod of hemp and corn each.
The fish were still about; I think that
because of the usual noises from the
lodge and car park they are often not
as spooky in this area as they are in
the quieter corners. All looked good
and sure enough the left hand rod
was soon away. After a short scrap
(butt it!) another stockie met my mat
– Gizmo at 27lb 14oz.
I stayed there for the night hoping
they would return, but by midday it
wasn’t looking likely, and after a
mooch round I decided on a move.
After a couple of forgettable nights
they were back in the Lodge Steps
and fortunately (saving me from having to give myself a kicking), I managed to get back in there. Baits were
placed the same again, and with most


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