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Horton, Fosters and Midnight Mixers
This was turning into hard work!
Luckily the fish changed direction
again enabling me to keep a tight line
and get my net sorted. After that the
rest was easy and into the net it went
– a nice looking stockie called Little
Peach that weighed 35lb 10oz. I was
much happier now, but that could
very easily have gone wrong! Del
came back past and mentioned that it
was a lucky one and I had to agree.
Horton, being next to a cornfield,
experiences an explosion in its rodent
population after it has been harvested, the Church Bank especially.
They are generally not a problem,
except for the one that opted to chew
through the back of my brolly rather
than walk round the front. They are
fine by me, and I enjoy watching what
they get up to, but they do get quite
friendly – a bit too friendly. Whilst
fishing the Spindly I noticed that just
next door, right in the edge, was a
mega yellow spot on the marginal
slope under an overhanging bush,
and I decided to start trickling some
bait onto it. That was pretty much it
for me that week, and it was off to
Yateley again.
I returned on the 21st August and
found some carp in the Lodge Steps
so dropped straight in. Nothing happened that night, and come the morning there were still fish about, but I
was busting for the loo. Not wanting
to reel in believing a take was imminent made for an uncomfortable
morning, but at around 1pm my right
hand rod was away with a repeat of
the Dynamite Fish. A little disappointing, but it was a chance for some better shots due to the daylight, and then
a sprint to the loo. Later that day, having assumed I was unlikely to catch
another from there that night, I went
for a look in the RIP and Pub Pallets
and found the fish had moved pretty
much opposite. I got my first sighting
of the elusive Humpback Common,
which as far as I’m aware wasn’t
caught in the four years I had a ticket,
nor were Tetley’s and the mega crafty
Missing Mirror. I put a bit of bait in
and watched as they took their first
few mouthfuls before going to get my
Unfortunately it started to rain but
not intending to let it put me off I was
soon back in the Pub Pallets rigging
up a stalking rod. I got my lead in ok
and was just clipping my backlead on
when a couple of fish returned to the
spot, but obviously seeing my core
coming off the bottom at 45 degrees
weren’t about to fall for it. I stayed in
there for the night but I had been
busted and they were long gone. The
next day I went to Yateley for a night
and spent most of it listening to a very
good U2 tribute band that was playing in the Royal Oak up the road.
Then it was back to Horton for two
nights and then back home to Suffolk
after what had been 60 nights on the
trot. It had been by far my longest
session ever, but the time had flown,
and though there had been the odd
time that I was sat on my bed wondering what the hell I was doing, they
were few and far between, and the
sight of some fish or a chat with a
friendly face would get me buzzing
again, and I’d only been home a couple of days before I was itching to get
Best of luck! n
Little Peach at 35lb 10oz.


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