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Ebro Dreams
ver the last 12 years
I have spent an
awful lot of time
fishing for true wild
river carp, and anyone who knows me
will tell you that a 50lb river carp has
always been my objective. That
objective was partly fulfilled when
one of my clients caught a 50lb carp
in October of last year. But what I
have experienced over the last
months fishing has really taken my
expectations to a whole new level.
It started just after Christmas when
with two friends, Robbie and Shane, I
went down to my favourite spot on
the Ebro for a short two-day session,
only to find that the wind was too
strong – a cross breeze was making
fishing impossible. We had a look
around the area and found a swim
that was sheltered and fishable, and
after an hour we had got our rods in
and our bait out. The bait we were
using was some pineapple and
butyric acid boilies that I was testing
from the CW Baits range. I have been
using their baits throughout the year
and they have been taking the river
apart whenever used. End tackle wise
(Top) A range of CW Baits products.
(Below) My 47lb carp – check out the
woolly beard.
I was using my ever-faithful Muggas
and Mantis combo, which has stuck
with me over the last 12 years and
which I have the utmost confidence
The action was slow at first, I think
partly that the area had never
received any of my boilies before, but
after they had been in the water for 24
hours the fish started to feed and the
runs started to flow with all of us getting into some nice fish. I was first
into the carp with a 42lb fish pulling
me 50 yards to the right, and after a
five-minute fight the fish came easily
to the net. Whilst photographing the
fish another of my rods screamed off
and I let Shane hit it. The fight was
not spectacular and in minutes he
had another lump in the net. On the
scales it went 44lb and was Shane’s
PB, but he was a little disappointed it
had not come to his own rods. One
hour later I received another run, and
this fish turned out to be another low
40lb fish. Three 40s in a one-hour window – we were buzzing. My runs then
dried up but the fish must have


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