freeline-21 - Page 159

Ebro Dreams
ther down the bank we could see the
fish rolling in front of the other fisherman and this only served to whet our
appetites. I had offered the lads a
guarantee that they would all catch
30lb carp, so on the next morning
when Ben broke his PB with a 45lb
fish, I was a little relieved, and this
from a swim I didn’t fancy. A couple of
hours later the other anglers packed
up and we swiftly moved in.
After spacing everybody along the
bank and baiting the swims sufficiently, we sat back and waited. The
action was slow at first but Scott, who
was on the very left of the swim, had
found some carp in the margins and
caught a 45lb fish during the day. During the night his margin rod was
always screaming off and he landed
four more carp with a 44lb fish being
the best. The odd fish came out in the
daytime but nothing large, and as the
night approached we all felt a big’un
was on the cards. We were all sitting
around enjoying a roasting fire when I
mentioned that I had bought a bottle
of wine for when we caught our first
50lb carp, me being ever the optimist.
Ten minutes later Mark received a
very slow take, typical of the large
carp of the area. After striking, the fish
woke up and went on a 50-yard run,
which was unstoppable. I immediately thought he was into a catfish,
but the rod was not banging in the
(Top) Another sunset.
(Left) A cracking dawn.
(Below) My dad’s 54lb 6oz fish.


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