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Ebro Dreams
welcome. The guarantee had not
been a problem, with every one of the
lads smashing their PBs all by 20lbplus. After all this action, I was determined to return the following week.
Having publicised my captures on
Facebook, a lot of interest was coming from my mates so when we did
head down the following week, I was
accompanied by my mate Lee, his
missus Lisa, my dad and Rob. With so
many of us fishing I thought that I
would fish with my dad in a different
(Above) A friendly goat.
(Right) Lisa with her 54lb 8oz fish.
(Bottom) A cold, foggy start to the
out. Unfortunately for him he got a
double take on his rods and he wasn’t
able to get up, so Mark and Ben were
up for the challenge and landed an
unbelievable 51lb on one rod and a
heavy 39lb respectively – another
50lb fish! This was turning out to be a
mega session. If that wasn’t enough,
the catfish rods were also receiving
action, and everyone was happy. By
the end of their week they had landed
two 50lb fish, eight 40s and twelve
30s with eight cats to 90lb – not monster cats but in January they were all
area that I had prebaited at the end of
our last session and leave the other
area to the others – I just had an
inkling of a feeling about the other
spot. After setting up and getting the


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