freeline-21 - Page 164

Ebro Dreams
rods out I thought I would pop and
see how the others were faring and
let them know where to place their
baits. On arrival at the swim I could
see Lee already in the water with
what looked like a nice catfish – what
a start. On the scales it went 140lb, a
new PB for Lee. Whilst photographing
the fish we all heard my dad shouting,
“NICK!” so with haste I legged it back
to our swim to find my dad playing
what was obviously a large carp on
one of my rods. As he had it almost in
I grabbed the net and the fish went in
first time. In the cradle the fish looked
a right lump and on the scales it went
54lb 6oz. I could not believe it – if I
hadn’t gone round and seen the others I would have smashed my PB.
Obviously though I was delighted for
my dad who seven years ago caught
a 53lb carp on his own with no camera, so now at last he had a picture of
a true beauty. Incredible – 140 cat and
54lb carp both within the first couple
of hours. What else was to come?
Four or five hours later I heard some
shouting coming from Lee’s swim, so
I started to head round when I was
(Top) My dad’s 40lb 10oz fish.
(Below) An old warrior mirror at 34lb
met by a jubilant Lee jumping and
leaping all over the place. Lisa had
just caught a 54lb 8oz carp. I ran
round and saw the beauty; it looked
great in Lisa’s arms, a true beast. The
magic boilies were indeed working
their magic. So after a celebration of
sorts I returned to my swim full of


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