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Baitzone Ziggy
By Tim Childs
Despite its apparent popularity in the
angling press these days, fishing zigs
or zig rigs still seems a pretty underused method on some of the waters I
fish. I would hazard a guess that perhaps only 10-20% of anglers give
them a serious go, and I’m still
shocked to speak to people who have
never used them! At this time of year
there’s usually a flurry of articles in
the angling press like this one, as
anglers such as me try and pass on a
few tips or ideas on getting the best
from your spring and early summer
fishing. That all sounds good, doesn’t
it? Why then are so few anglers taking advantage of this superb method?
Well there could be a number of factors, such as lack of confidence, or
perhaps you’ve been told that they
don’t work on your waters, or perhaps
like some anglers believe, it’s cheating! Unbelievable I know, but I’ve met
a couple of people who think just that.
This month I will be looking at my use
of zigs and looking at a couple of Baitzone products including their superb
Ziggy Popps.
So what makes zigs so effective?
Well in my view there are a number of
reasons; firstly the midwater layers
from the top right down to the
lakebed are rarely explored, surprisingly, as this is where the fish spend
an awful lot of their time! If you’re one
of the anglers who think fish live on
the bottom and only come to the surface when it’s hot, think again. The
mid layers are perfect areas to present
baits, and if done correctly can bring
excellent result.
Another reason for their effectiveness is fly hatches and insect development, a regular occurrence at this
time of year. When the fly hatches are
Ziggy Pops come in a variety of
Attaching the hookbait.
Two of my favourite – black and yellow.
Ready to go


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