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Baitzone Ziggy Pops Tips
tion of silicone or anti tangle sleeve
pushed onto the swivel also aids in
cutting down tangles as these helps
keep both the hooklink and mainline
Which bait? Now there’s a subject to ponder. When it comes to
choosing a suitable hookbait remember all we need is something attractive visually, and perhaps stimulating
to their sense of smell. I’ve caught on
both flavoured baits and unflavoured
and to be honest the jury is still out as
f a r a s w h i c h i s m o s t e f f e c t i v e.
Trimmed-down pop-ups, both dark,
dull ones and bright coloured ones,
can be effective; it’s down to the individual to see what works on each
given day on different waters and at
different times of the day. As I’ve
mentioned Baitzone do a range of
hookbaits called Ziggy Popps. These
lovely smelling barrel hook baits
come in a variety of colours and are
super buoyant.
Different depths. This can be the
real key to getting the best from zig
fishing. Sometimes, especially early
on when the waters are still a little
cool, fishing your baits at
half depth can be a good
place to start. In the
height of summer when
temperatures are high
baits fished on the surface or very near to it are
probably the best option.
Remember though, the
fish will use the water
column as they wish,
moving up and down it
as the light levels and
temperatures change.
Seek out these zones and
work them to your
advantage even if this
means changing the
depths your baits are fished on a regular basis.
Spombing. When it comes to free
offerings and getting them out into
the lake there are a number of ways to
do this – by catapult, spod, or with the
use of PVA mesh bags. For longer
range though, and when looking to
put large quantities of floaters out,
nothing in my view beats the Spomb.
I was a little slow getting onto these
Hey presto! Zigs can be awesome any time of the year.
Bags attached, now all we need is the
superb baiting tools, but now find
them invaluable.
I hope this little piece has confidence you to give zigs a go this year
and to try out the excellent Ziggy
Popps from Baitzone. Once mastered
it can be a devastating tactic at any
time of the year. n


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