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River Carping’
boat sits under the water forming
almost a cave-like appearance for any
wary carp that would sit under one,
happy in those much-loved shallow,
silty moorings. The bottom of the narrow boat is completely covered in
mussels, with mussels clinging to
them. The best way to describe it
would be an upside down dinner
plate. If you are fortunate to have permission to fish a marina then along
with what goes into the water from
boaters and the like, finding some-
where to begin baiting shouldn’t be
Now I know that it is well documented that baiting rivers is done by
almost drawing lines of bait from one
side of the river bank to the other. I
have never done this myself but do
know other anglers using this
approach, and they are very successful. I prefer to look for spots as I have
mentioned before, as I believe they
are natural fish feeding areas. I would
normally start baiting a few different
spots at the beginning of June, starting with particle such as pigeon condi ti o ne r a nd s o me ti ge rs to ge t
smaller fish feeding and to get the
weed down. I would do this for a couple of weeks before introducing
boilies. Now I have used particles
before during sessions but found that
by the next morning I had been
cleared out, obviously by our smaller
silver-scaled friends. With this in mind
I prefer a larger boilie such as 18mm
or above. I have seen friends use double 18mm (to get over bream problems) and catch. I always use a good
quality red fishmeal type boilie; something like Mad Tackle’s MW1 which is
full of shrimp meal, another great
attractor for river carp.
After a week of baiting with boilies
I would start fishing – usually just
overnighters during the week – and
build up a picture of which swim was
producing the goods. I have found
September to be the best month, and
will continue baiting the successful
swim heavily right up and through
October. With the limited rainfall we
have had most of our summers, I have
been able to use the chod rig with
16mm matching pop-ups due to there
being little or no flow. There have
been occasions when a sharp downpour has occurred and just a simple
line-aligner fished snowman style
using heavy braid such as Korda
Supernatural has got over the flow
problem where a pop-up wouldn’t
suit. I attach the baited rig to the
biggest PVA bag of boilies I can get
away with as to be safe in the knowledge that I can get it down through
flowing water onto my spots.
I have had the pleasure of catching
a mid-twenty fish from one section of
river and then catching it the next
year a mile upstream. I have had a
photo matched with the same fish
caught by another angler two years
later in a marina ten miles away from
where I had previously caught it. The
fish move miles through locks and
weirs, which is an outstanding feat.
Every year the same section may
have different fish from other sections
of the river, so you never really know
what you are going to catch.
An added attraction to fishing a
river is the quietness and tranquillity;
With pecs the size of fen cucumbers – expect great battles with all river Ouse carp.


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