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A Season Home And Away
Scot Milbank With The Pretty One at
52lb 4oz.
the lake. Stock is 400 plus carp with
50-plus over 40lbs, 250 over 30lbs and
with a lake record of over 55lbs. I was
itching to start and had suggested
that it would be a good idea, as there
were four of us, to draw banks rather
than individual swims. This way we
could spread about and not have too
many lines in one area. So Scot and I
won the toss and opted for the house
side of the lake with shallow water to
our right, towards the house, and then
the deeper water to the left. Scot
opted for the Cutback in the centre of
the House Bank and I went to the left
of him in the Stumps. The other pair
spread themselves out on the Woods
Bank. The lake is pretty uniform and
the features to be found are hard
spots amongst the silt and the obvious tree lined margins. It did not take
long to set up home for the week; I
had brought my Angling Intelligence
Airframe Light and overwrap,
although if I could avoid it I would
keep the wrap off as I like to have a
clear view of the lake at all times. The
trusty Mainline New Grange and Cell
was the chosen bait and it had trav-
elled well in my AI cool bags, still
frozen after being in there for eight
Rigs were sorted and comprised of
25lb Jel-E-Wyre and a size six Claw
hooks. A swivel bottle bomb lead in
2.5oz was fixed to a Bombz Away
Lead clip. Three spots chosen and
before we knew it the dinner bell was
sounding! I had marked up my line
with electrical tape so recasting to
the spots after dinner was a doddle. It
was clear and cold that night so three
layers of clothes were needed as soon
as the sun dropped, and this would be
the order of the week according to the
forecast! An early night was in order
after a long day so we turned in at
around 21:30. It was not long after I
was awoken by that sweet little tune
o f m y AT T r e c e i v e r a n d I w a s
attached to my first Flores carp! It
was 23:30 and my first carp of the trip
was an immaculate mirror weighing
in at 23lb 12oz, very welcome and
nice to be off the mark. We had no further action during the night. Morning
had broken with sunshine and blue
skies with a real hard ground frost,
and I decided to move the rods into
the shallower water after breakfast.
What a difference from the night time
temperatures – time for the T-shirts!
The sun was up and it had the fish
moving into the shallower water as I
had expected. Three areas were
selected that covered areas that I
could see them moving through. Two
hours later and I was away with the
receiver singing a sweet tune again!
After a good battle I had number two
secured in the net at 29lb 10oz. Bearing in mind these fish had just come
from their winter slumber they sure
were looking in tip top condition with
not a mark on them.
So with two twenties for me, and a
twenty and a forty for Scot in the first
24 hours, we were well happy! I continued to fish the deeper water at
night and then move the rods when
the sun was out after breakfast in the
shallower water in the day. Scot
stayed in the centre of the lake as this
swim commands a lot of water. We
both fished for bubblers and also kept
at least one spot with bait trickled in
on a little and often basis. The most
memorable bite of the week for me to
witness was on Monday and came to
Scot’s rods. A nice steady take followed by a real steady but dogged
fight. When I saw the fish roll I knew
it was one of the lakes special fish
called the Pretty One. What a delight
it was to slide the net under it for


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