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A Season Home And Away
Scot. The scales revealed a personal
best for him with a weight of 52lb
4oz! The last time this fish was out
was to the rods of Martin Ford on the
Atomic DVD shoot. Scot’s successful
rig consisted of a Bombz Away Lead
Clip System, a size 6 Stinga hook, Stiffun Hooklink and a Mainline Cell popup.
I managed 14 fish to 40lb 4oz and
between the four of us we had 60 fish
with over 1812lb in weight – not bad
for a cold week’s fishing!
After returning from a really great
trip it was really nice to be home with
the family on Saturday evening. I was
brought down to earth with a real
bang on the Monday when my mum
was taken into hospital. Mum had
been diagnosed with leukaemia, had
really responded well to her treatment
that had now stopped, and she was
doing really well. Unfortunately she
had taken a turn for the worse and
was rushed into St Bartholomew’s in
the City of London. It was here in the
day unit that Mum took her first
glimpse of my virgin Big Carp article.
She was so proud of number one son,
sitting there plugged into the equipment and showing the magazine to
all the nurses. I was at her side with
close family and friends throughout
Monday into the early hours on Tuesday morning when Mum sadly
passed away on 29th March.
(Top) Rig components and baits For
(Right) Essex Carp Championships,
Dan and Me with Dan’s 19lb’er – the
biggest in the final.
Essex Carp
ATT had entered Dan Taylor and
me into the match that was to take
place at Newlands Hall in Essex. We
were to fish in heat two of three on
9th April – something for me to focus
on! It was a 24-hour match with a
watercraft draw. Dan arrived at mine
and we loaded a host of Mainline
baits and goodies along with our
tackle into the Volvo. After a 30minute drive to Big Fish Tackle to register we were soon at the venue having a walk round. I had fished here a
long time ago for half a day so really
knew little about it. We noted all our
favoured swims on the walk around
all ready for the draw. We flipped a
coin to see who would draw from the
hat; Dan won the toss and got me to
draw. I’d picked 21 from the hat and
there were 28 pairs meaning we
would have to wait for 1 to 20 to
select their chosen swims before us,
which I must admit was feeling far
from idyllic! It was like watching
paint dry and bloody painful too. As it
approached our turn we could not
believe a few of our chosen swims
were still available.
“Team ATT” was the call from the
marshal, and Dan and I were still
amazed that swim 8 was still free, and
we snatched it up. This was central to
the lake and seemed like the spot
where most of the carp were. We were
only allowed to fish one rod each and
they were to be placed within the
same swim. To summarise the 24
hours, Dan and I had maybe ten minutes shut-eye and went through the
card of tactics to end up with 108lb of
carp and first place taking us to the
finals! Quite a few of the fish fell to
trimmed-down hi viz pop-ups and
dumbell hookers. The final was a different setup and was a match draw.
Dan chose from the hat, his turn this
time, and drew a swim neither of us
fancied. It was the farthest away from
the end that looked like a Jacuzzi.


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