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A Season Home And Away
o n Av e l e y, a s t h e n e x t f e w
overnighters proved to be fruitless,
but at least I was getting to trickle
some bait in and get to learn the features of new swims.
One of these trips that resulted in a
blank was looking really, really bangon for a bite or two. A strong southwesterly was blowing into one of the
corner swims and looked spot-on. I
had seen one roll whilst standing in
the swim. Whilst getting sorted two
other members came walking down
the path to the swim carrying their
gear in the hope the swim would be
empty. They wished me luck and Russell said, “You are gonna bag up.”
They said goodbye and continued further round the pond. Apparently the
big common that resides in the lake
takes a liking to this corner, so I was
hoping I was on the right spots! The
night passed without action. I was so
confident, but it looks like Lady Luck
was not with me. I applied some bait
to the clear areas before I left for the
next time it looked good to fish.
The Platform was my home for the
next visit, looking promising with
carp showing but at a real distance.
They were showing around a marker,
which are placed to mark snags, at
150yds. There is a no-leader policy on
the water, as the bars and weed that
feature here could lead to problems
with carp trailing lines if anglers
experienced cut offs. So there was a
major need for a brush-up of my casting skills, as moving from five to 35
acres I was a little rusty. I struggled at
first but after composing myself and
actually thinking about what I was
doing I hit just short of the mark with
my middle rod, which I estimated at
around 140yds, with a single Mainline
Pi ne a ppl e po p-up. The l e ft w a s
placed on the edge of a weedbed and
snag at around 40yds and the right to
a marginal spot off the edge of a tree.
Both these outside rods were fished
with around 100 New Grange as freebies. I slept like the proverbial log
until first light, and not so much as a
peep! What I did glean though was
those fish liked it at the range around
the snag area, especially at first light.
They always appeared there at first
light. The abundance of naturals in
the margins got me thinking of a
(Top) Second early morning bite 25b
(Right) Aveley 21lb common.
switch to include some hempseed in
the loose fed New Grange too.
The next visit turned out to be my
last overnighter on the lake before
moving on. I was mixing some
hempseed and the natural oils with
my New Grange the day before, and
left it in a bucket so the bait took on
some oils and would give a slightly
washed out appearance with the
added attraction of the gold old
hemp. I had set up stall in the Number
One swim the one that I had fished on
my first visit. The left rod was placed
on the reed line at around 30yds, the
middle again on the reeds at around
95yds, and the right in a gulley at
around 80yds. All three were fished
with New Grange bottom baits
topped with a High Visual Pineapple
Juice 10mm pop-up. I fed around 150
baits on each spot and settled for the
night. All was uneventful in the swim
during the hours of darkness, but at
first light I was disturbed by a few
bleeps, then a fast take from my mid-


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