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A Season Home And Away
One-noter golden common of 30lb
main feature in front of it. The fish
were showing at around 120-130yds. I
tied a 10in Jel-E-Wyre 25lb hooklink
up and used an Atomic Claw Size 6
hook with a longish hair for my New
Grange bottom bait to be attached to.
I used a soluble foam nugget to stop
the hair getting tangled during the
thump out to where the fish were
showing. I used a single 18mm hookbait approach for this first rod, as I had
no idea who occupied the swim previously to me and had no idea how
much bait was out in front of me. The
other two had the same rig, and location-wise were placed at the edge of
the plateau at short range. These
however were given around ten large
pouches of New Grange spread
around each.
With all this sorted the kettle went
on and I sat back under the Airframe
Light taking in the feel and excitement of the new challenge. And
indeed I was forewarned that this
would be a challenge, as these fish
did not give themselves up easily!
“Peep Peeeeeeeeeeeeep,” I was
awoken at first light by my ATT
receiver with the left hand rod peeling
off – the adrenaline was pumping and
really quickly. I connected with a fish
that soon had me weeded, and I was
confident with my end tackle
arrangement that the Atomic Lead
Clip would release the lead. I applied
steady pressure as I felt the fish hit
weed and coaxed it through gently. It
came free, but then weeded me again
and the shakes started to kick in. I
had to put the rod down for a while, as
I did not want to apply any unnecessary pressure on the fish. After around
five minutes it started to take line,
going into a little more weed, and I
again applied steady pressure. It was
now around 30yds out. I guided it in
and at netting distance could just see
a massive ball of weed and that was
all. The 50in net just about engulfed
the massive weed ball. My heart was
pounding and I was stripping away at
the weed like a little kid at Christmas
unwrapping a present. Where is it?
My mouth dropped the moment I saw
the bar of gold – my first Big Lake
Carp! What a dark golden bar of carp
too. This was the first fish out for a
two-week period and the scales settled at a very welcoming 34lb exactly.
I asked the neighbouring angler, Gary
to do the honours with the camera,
and then I had to be off and running
to avoid the traffic on the dreaded
M25. So, I said my goodbyes and
ended my 11-hour session at 5:30am
one happy chap – result.
I snuck in a few more of these short
sessions during the week and one of
these in same swim. With the waterbottle down in the Plateau swim and
off for a quick ponder around the lake
for a look-see, there was nothing to
make me decide to fish anywhere
else. I opted for the same approach on
the middle and left rod with the first
bite tactics, a single. The third, the
right hand rod, got a fair helping of
New Grange. There were a few shows
at range as I sat watching the water,
leaving me feeling confident when I
decided to turn in. Just after first light
I was having a brew just before wrapping up, and my receiver delivered an


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