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A Season Home And Away
Le Fayes, immaculate common of
from the outset. There were no bites
on the Saturday afternoon and night
until the Sunday. I spotted some bubblers at around 70yds and sent ten
Spombs of soaked New Grange over
the area and my rig was recast to that
spot. Twenty minutes later my indicator pulled up about an inch and a half
signalling activity on the ATTX
receiver. I leant into it, and a strong
and powerful battle started! I had to
go in to net my prize, and what a fine
one it was indeed! We attached the
scales to a weigh crook for an accurate reading, and they settled at 52lb
on the button – happy days. The
hookbait this common could not
resist was an 18mm bottom bait
topped with a 10mm Fruit-Tella popup.
The fishing continued to be slow
and I had tried a few different tactics
– long links (or zigs as they are often
referred to these days), short hooklinks, really long hooklinks and short
hairs and long. I fished for three
nights and I felt the need to move to a
less pressured area of the lake. A
bucket placed in swim 3 reserved that
swim for me, and a move was on the
cards after breakfast. With that done
and all the gear wrapped down, Mark
collected me in the boat and moved
me to the other side of the lake for
another try. There was a small island
to the right of the swim, a clay area in
front of me, and marginal trees to my
left. After chatting with Mark the
approach would be as per what I was
already doing, but with the addition of
some Sarb Pellets as loose feed. Mark
and Claire use these to feed the carp
on so it would be rude not to. I baited
lightly on two rods, the left and middle, but the right had rod I baited
quite heavily, for me anyway, with,
2kg. All was quiet after Wednesday
night and after breakfast on Thursday
Scot had a steady bite that resulted in
one of the A-Team paying a visit to
the bank. He’d had the Half Linear at
62lb 4oz. What a result! I was well
happy for him. We celebrated at dinnertime with some champagne, and
why not! That night I had a bite from
my middle rod and landed a small
common of 21lb – at least I had
moved and caught. I then went on to
have one more bite, but unfortunately
that was lost on an underwater snag.
The final tally for us five was: Pete –
blank, John – blank, Tony – one mirror
of 36lb, me – the 52 and 21 commons
and Scot a 37 common, a 41 mirror
and the Half Lin at 62lb 4oz. The week
in total produced one 62lb 4oz, six
50lb-plus, four 40lb-plus, two 30lbplus and two 20lb-plus.
Since being back I have been
blanking my arse off at the Big Lake
but enjoying it all. I love it when
banks are quieter! n


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