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Got it!
By Dean Atkins
started fishing Vinnetrow
down at Chichester back in
2003 when it was a day
ticket/circuit water, and over
the years I caught a few nice
fish. One Friday I finished
work at 1pm and raced to the lake.
Ads was on ticket duty, so I phoned
him to meet him there. I knew that
the water temperature was up, but
we had a cold north wind again. On
the Saturday the weather was warming up, and I knew I had to be in the
First Snags with the wind in my face.
I got to the lake, and everybody was
fishing on the back of the wind with
some success. I took no notice and
headed for the First Snags, dumped
the barrow into the swim and met up
with Ads and we walked and talked
about whether he’d seen the fish that
week. He hadn’t; they weren’t ripping
the bottom up and they were not
showing. We went down so the Sluice
a n d c l i m b e d t h e t r e e, b u t
there was nothing out there – no
weed and no fish. Then we went to
Middle Bumpy, but it just didn’t feel
I looked around and there was a
do g bo mb i n the s w i m, w hi c h I
thought was an omen so I went with
my gut to the First Snags. The eel
grass was up and the fish must be
grazing off the top of the weed, I
thought, so I jacked my 8in pop-up rig
4ft up the leadcore and chucked out,
with just singles to start with. Then at
7pm I Spombed it with crumb and
crushed hemp plus 2kg boilies on
each rod. This would go through the
weed and create some smell at the
bottom of the lake.
Then I was up at 4am to put out
1kg on each rod with the throwing
stick. This would sit on top of the
weed, and I recast the rods at 9am to
make sure I was on top of the weed.
At 4pm 1kg went in. I stood there
with tea in hand watching the water.
The tench were rolling one after the
other – not good. I went back to bed
and waited until 9am.
At 9am I picked up my


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