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Got It!
rods, cleaned the lines, put on new
pop-up rigs and cast the rods 80 yards
back to my spots. I kept watching the
water, but no carp were rolling.
The chop on the water was 6ins,
which I thought was too high; I just
wanted a nice, rolling 3ins. This
came at 11am, and the water looked
good. John was on the point with
Craig. He turned to Craig and said,
“Posh is going to have one in a
minute.” At 11.49am the rod twisted
and the bobbin started to rise slowly
up to the rod. The Delkim was starting to hum, and the spool started to
tick. I lifted the rod and pulled into it.
The butt section groaned and the line
was taught. I thought, keep it out of
the weed and work it towards me,
come on, and I started to get some
line back.
I knew that the fish had no weed on
it, but it was heavy! There were a
couple of deep thuds on the line after
a while, and I saw the back of the fish.
With my landing net slowly lowered
into the water and the drag slackened
off, it came towards me. It did a 360degrees with its mouth wide open;
we know this as the death roll – when
they spit your rig right back at you. I
slid the net under the fish and missed.
I tried again, but deeper into the
water, and in she went.
I had my phone in my pocket and
shouted at Ads, “Where are you?”
“ J us t w a l k i ng do w n the bumpy
track,” he replied. “Get here now!” He
ran down the track into my swim,
opened the net, and said, “It’s the Half
Lin – you got it!” With red faces, like
children, and the beast in the net, we
slapped each other on the back. “Got
it!” we shouted, “We’re going to need
a bigger mat.” Ads rushed off and got
his Armo mat too and we put them
both together. Duck Boy was walking
down path and stopped. “We are
going to need some help,” I said.
Ads came back. He looked after the
fish and I got the Rueben Heatons
out. I wetted up the Aqua weigh sling,
hung it on the scales and dropped the
needle back 1oz. I got the fish in the
sling and put the T-bar on. I checked
the fins and up she went. The needle
rattled around again and up to 57lb
8oz. We both lowered the fish down
and the party started! We moved the
fish into next swim with buckets of
water to hand. We kept on smiling,
but she was beautiful and full of life.
The cameras started to roll, with
cheers getting louder.
We put her back into the
water where she started to beat me
up. I gave her one kiss goodbye and
she was off. Ads came back to my
swim with a bottle of Champagne. I
gave it a shake, and bang went the
cork and I sprayed it into the air. “We
got it!” n


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