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Five Forties
t all started for me when my
dad took me fishing for the
first time and I caught my
first fish, all 6oz of it. I never
knew at the time what effect
this would have in the many
years to come. My fishing over the
last 19 years has taken me to some of
the most stunning surroundings, but
also to literally some holes in the
ground. Some very good friends, even
including my partner (sorry, Jess)
doesn’t fully understand why I would
spend days and nights of my life trying to catch a fish that has no meaning in life. Well they’re not carp
anglers so they have not witnessed
and seen some of the most beautiful
and amazing acts of nature like
watching the sunrise whilst sipping a
cup of tea and listening to the birds
giving their wake-up call – these are
part of the reason we anglers go fishing.
For many people, fishing a wild and
barely fished gravel pit of over 350
acres would be hard to stomach. For
me it was always going to be a challenge worthy of many years of hard
work and effort. I knew I could never
take on a pit of such difficulty halfheartedly, for what swims beneath
the glassy surface was worthy in my
view of the hard work and commitment I would have to give the pit. The
underwater world has always been
very attractive to me; under the surface is somewhere we anglers will
never be able to fully experience or
understand – that’s what makes the
watery home interesting to me. As I
have dedicated much of my life and
sacrificed many things just to be
there at the lake doing what I love, I
get a massive buzz when I have
finally put all the pieces of the carp
fishing puzzle together, and there
lying in the net is a fish I have worked
so hard and dedicated much time to
finally get my turn to hold. I have
endured some of the most testing
conditions; you know those days and
night you seriously question yourself
as to why you bother. I’ve had one too
many of these sessions. Sometimes
when you least expect it, and when
you think you haven’t got a chance is
when your dreams can come true, so
never give up even when the chips
are down.
First forty from Theale Lagoon – 40lb


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