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Five Forties
under the tip. When it finally rolled
over the net all the lads gave up a
massive holler. The fish was far from
the prettiest fish I have ever caught; it
was a typical Simmo at 19lb 12oz, and
it was far from my biggest carp, but I
didn’t care, as I had just caught my
first ever big pit carp. I spent a few
more nights fishing the spot hoping a
repeat would occur but it wasn’t to
A month or so later my friends Carl
and Lee were fishing the Island
swims. I was desperate to fish with
them but had work commitments.
There’s nothing worse than when
your friends are fishing while you are
stuck at work and you would give
anything to be in their shoes. I asked
the boss if I could leave an hour early
to do a quick overnighter with Carl
and Lee. Work dragged that day, as it
always does when you’re dying to get
down the lake. 4pm came and I was
bombing my car the short journey to
the lake. I opened the rusty gate and
drove down the canal footpath with
dust billowing from the back of my
car. It was a dry, hot evening with a
proper electric feel about it, and I
couldn’t wait to get the rods out. I
was using two rods, both fishing to a
gap in between the bank and an
island. Again both rods was fishing
with the ever-faithful Active-8 18mm
bottom baits, a supple coated 25lb
hooklink and a size 6 ESP Big T hook.
A couple of pouchfuls of baits were
scattered over the top of the two rigs.
It was around midnight when my
left rod woke me from a heavy sleep.
As I came round I absolutely shit
myself – the take was so fast all I
could hear was the line being taken
from the spool at a scary rate. I
jumped out of bed, forgot my trainers
and slipped down the steep bank and
into the shallow margin. All the time
the clutch was still ripping off. As I
picked up the rod, shaking with such
a powerful adrenalin rush, it hooped
round, and yard by yard line continued to be taken from a almost locked
up clutch. The fish had now gone
around 50 yards past the island and it
(Top) 28lb 2oz, Theale Lagoon.
(Left) A sunrise on Theale Lagoon
– simply stunning.


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