freeline-21 - Page 210

Five Forties
The Brute at 44lb 4oz – happy days.
confident; I knew the odd fish was in
my area, and I just couldn’t believe I
hadn’t had a bite.
At around 7.30am, I was sat on the
boards at the front of the swim when
out of the corner of my eye I saw a
big, grey back roll over right on the
baited margin spot followed by a trail
of bubbles. I couldn’t believe it – they
were on the spot! I reeled in the bottom bait rod, checked the rig and the
hookbait, and the hook was still sticky
sharp. I walked down the margin trying to be as stealthy as possible and
threw a couple of 3mm pellets to
spook any fish off the bait. I retreated
back to get the rig in place. I kept
with the washed-out bait; the only
thing I did was trim off the edges to
make it odd-shaped. I added a smaller
lead as well and flicked it out along
with a small bag of pellets threaded
on the hooklink to protect the point.
The cast was bang on first time and I
feathered down onto the firm silt. I
was so confident; it couldn’t have
gone any more perfectly.
I slackened off, clipped on the bob-
bin, and the line hung limp straight off
the tip. I sat back trying to keep as
quiet as a field mouse when the
phone rang. I jumped out of my skin
when it woke me up from my daydream. It was my friend Dion Evans
who was fishing Theale Lagoon next
door and had had four in a night. I
was over the moon for him. Dion said
to me to keep my chin up and catch
the Brute. I probably sounded a little
despondent on the phone, saying how
they were all over me and I couldn’t
get a bite. I put the phone down on
the bucket when a single bleep came
from the receiver. I looked down at
the rods just in time to see the line
lifting and the rod bending violently
in the alarm as the Delkim screeched
away. I almost wiped my eyes as I
couldn’t believe I’d had a take.
I ran down to the rod as the line
was being ripped off at an alarming
rate. I picked up the rod and was
immediately forced to give 20 or 30
yards of line. I couldn’t believe it; I
was connected to a Pingewood carp
and worryingly it felt like a really good


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