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A Surprising End To The Year
ell, it will be
the start of
when you
read this, but
it’s the 2nd of
January as I sit here writing, so I have
to wish you all a Happy New Year. I
hope you had a good Christmas and
Santa gave you all you wanted. The
weather has continued to stay mild,
which is good, as it’s allowing us to
keep wetting the lines.
I only have the one capture to tell
you about from a friend this month, as
I’ve not received any others in from
anyone. This capture is a little bit old;
I didn’t get hold of the pictures until
now but it’s well worthy of putting in
the diary. Steve Summerbell, or
Greggs, as he has become known due
to his toasted sandwich maker that
goes with him everywhere, recently
had Scar from Horton’s Church Lake
at 44lb 10oz, which set him a new
(Top) The Road Lake’s Hump swim in
(Below) Steve with Scar at 44lb 10oz.
personal best. Steve opted to fish on
the other side of the lake to where all
the fish had been showing, and that
gamble paid off when he had the take
the following morning. I had even said
to him how I thought he was mad for
going over there, and how I thought
he was pissing in the wind. It just
goes to show what I know, and he
hasn’t let me forget it since either.
Right, onto my diary, and when I
left you last month I had just caught
the Ghost Common from the Road
Lake. When I got home I had the kids
for the night, and then on the Sunday
morning I drove up to Horton,
dropped my kit off there with a guy
and then went onto the Sandown
show to drop some stove gas off that
I sell and also have a look round and
catch up with some people that I’d
not seen in a while. It was good to see
some old faces. The day flew by, and
before I knew it, it was time to head
back to Horton and get the rods out.
After cooking and eating my dinner in


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