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A Surprising End To The Year
the lodge I set about having a walk
around the lake to see if I could find
fish, but after a few hours of seeing
nothing I decided to go in Captors, do
the night there and then have another
look at first light. The night passed
without any signs of fish, and when I
woke the following morning I really
wasn’t feeling it. I gave it another
night but nothing happened, and after
a few hours of it looking lifeless, the
following morning I decided to pack
up and head back to the Road Lake.
I arrived at the lake a little after
1pm, and the first place I went for a
look was the Hump, the swim that I
had the common from the previous
week. I sat there watching the water
for a few minutes when over to the
right hand snag I saw a fish poke its
head out and rock the water. As I
stood up for a better look, probably
the same fish rolled further into the
corner of the snags. That was all I
needed to see, so I went and got my
kit and set up there.
While I was sorting the rods out,
another fish rolled over in the corner
and within a few minutes the snags
water started rocking where a fish
had obviously broken the surface in
amongst the trees that lay in the
water. I put the right hand rod round
towards the stump area with a Vortex
bottom bait topped with plastic buoyant corn and a PVA bag of hemp
attached. Over this I put half a dozen
balls of scalded Bloodworm Extract
pellet with some Oily Hemp added to
it as well as a good dosing of Sticky’s
Liquid Krill and a few other goodies.
The middle rod was a hinged stiff link
with a cork ball Vortex pop-up tied to
it and a scattering of Vortex freebies
around it, and the left rod was another
bottom bait rig with a mixture of both
boilie and pellet/hemp mix over it.
Through the balance of the afternoon it was evident that the fish were
held up in the corner of the Hump
swim to my right, as there were regular ripples coming out into the lake
from that area. This continued into
the evening, and then at 7.15pm a fish
showed a couple of times out just
behind the middle rod towards the
Launch swim. The fish remained
active well into the night with one
showing every ten minutes or so. In
the early hours though this all
changed when the wind picked up,
light rain came in and the pressure
started dropping. The fish stopped
showing; I didn’t see another, and
eventually I got my head down.
(Top) The Pretty One at 35lb 4oz on
the 1st December.
(Left) It was good to finally be back on
the Car Park. The Curly swim.


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