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A Surprising End To The Year
the Snags. A couple of hours after setting up though a fish showed in front
of the Curly at range so I packed up
and moved. That was the only sign of
activity I saw for the session, and after
a quiet night and following morning I
had to head for home as my ex had
rung and asked me to have the kids
on the Friday night. As I headed for
home I thought about the Pretty One
and what a result it was having a
mid-30 on the first day of December. I
couldn’t wait to get back to the Road
Lake, but it had to wait until the following Tuesday evening as I had the
kids school Christmas play on the
Monday evening and I had to wait in
for a delivery of stove gas on the Tuesday morning.
When I arrived at the lake I was
gutted to find someone in the Hump,
but there was nothing I could do
about it as that’s how it is, but I was
pleased to find out that he was off the
following morning. I dropped into the
Dogleg next door as I knew the spots
and it was easy casting in the dark,
and I secured the Hump for the following morning when it was going to
be vacated. The night passed quietly
for me although I did see a couple of
fish throughout the evening.
The following day mid-morning I
moved into the Hump and then proceeded to get the rods out on the
same spots as before. Hookbaits were
to be the same and the Bloodworm
Extract pellet and boilie mixes were
baited over the top. Within a couple of
hours of the rods being out I started to
see ripples coming in from the right,
and this continued for most of the
afternoon and evening. I sat up until
1.30am watching the water and even
as I was getting into the bag ripples
were still coming out from the snag
corner. I felt pretty confident as I went
to sleep, but when I woke up at
6.30am I had not had so much as a
bleep. I need not have worried
though, as at 6.50am the right rod
was away again and one hell of a
scrap was on.
After a few minutes I was in control
of things, and soon had the fish out in
front of me and ready for the net. All
went well and I had another decent
sized mirror sitting in the bottom of
my net. Luckily for me I was the only
person on the lake so I had no one to
worry about and was sure I wouldn’t
be seen. I unhooked the fish in the net
so I could get the rod back out and
then left it in the net in the margin for
half an hour so that it was light
enough to do decent pictures. Once
the light was ok I weighed the fish
and did the pictures. The fish was one
known as Digit and weighed in at
37lb 2oz. As you can imagine I was
buzzing but I couldn’t tell anyone
what was going on, as I didn’t want
the extra attention in the swim.
Just as I was returning the fish I
noticed a car pull up over in the car
park so I quickly packed the mat
away and threw the sling and tripod
in the bivvy. I was soaked though so I
slipped on a pair of over trousers. It
was a guy called Leon, and as he
entered the swim and we chatted he
had not got a clue what had just gone
on. As he walked away a few minutes
later I had to have another little laugh
to myself. With three fish in three
weeks and two of them being mid to
upper-30s I couldn’t believe my luck.
The fish obviously took a liking to my
pellet mix, but it was also clear that
they were held up in the area. I gave
it up to lunchtime, but with no further
action I packed away and headed
back down to the Car Park Lake. I did
a couple of nights on the Car Park in
the Curly but other than a fish that
showed twice at 10.30pm on my first
night nothing else gave itself away.
The birdlife was an absolute nightmare too and I was picked up at least
a half dozen times on my middle rod,
which was out at long range. I baited
up all three spots before I left and
then headed for home late morning
on the Saturday.
I was back at the Road Lake Sunday night at a little after 9pm and with
me being the only one on I went back
Looking out from the Curly on the
December full moon.
in the Hump. While I was sorting the
rods a fish rolled over to my left, not
that far from where I was putting the
rod. I left that rod until last and fished
it as a single for the night as I didn’t
want to spook whatever it was, but I
need not have worried because I didn’t see anything else all night in that
area and no action came to that rod.
As usual though, I did see a few sets
of rings coming out from the right
hand area, and I felt confident that
something was going to happen. The
night passed quietly though and the
temperature plummeted too as when
I woke the following morning there
was quite a heavy ground frost.
As I sat there with the first coffee of
the day, I wondered whether the frost
had put them off feeding, as the spot I
was fishing on was only a few feet
deep. The morning passed quietly but
at 2.17pm, as I was stood up looking
out to the snags, a fish stuck its head
out right over the right hand rod.
Then, mid afternoon, the ripples had
started again. The first set to appear
was at 3.17pm, and then 4.13 and
another set came out at 4.22 and the
final set at 4.26pm. The last set that
came out sent a large set of rings out
into the lake so it must have been a
decent fish that caused them. As it
got darker it got harder to see what
was happening, and then at about
6.30 the rain started and I ended up
sitting in the bivvy.
As I sat looking out just after
7.45pm the line on the right hand rod
pulled up tight. It was a twitchy sort


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