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A Surprising End To The Year
of take; in fact at first I thought it had
been picked up by a bird, but when I
lifted the rod out of its rest it became
apparent that a fish was attached.
There was no fight at all, and I just led
the fish away from the snag and
straight into open water. I did think it
could have been a tench, but all of a
sudden a big old mirror rose from the
deeper margin, and as it did so it must
have realised it was hooked as it
began to scrap a bit more. The fish
was soon in the net though and as
soon as I flicked on my head torch for
a look I recognised the fish by its distinctive scales on one side – it was
Three Scales. I unhooked it in the net
just as I had the previous fish. and
then after tying a fresh hooklink I cast
the rod back out and round to the
right. It wasn’t the best of casts and
was slightly off the spot but it was the
best I could do in the dark.
With the rod sorted I readied the
camera, scales and tripod and then
got the fish up on the mat. Although it
was a repeat capture it was a winter
capture and also one on the Vortex so
I did weigh it and also take a few pictures with it. Weight wise the fish
went 37lb 10oz so it was up a bit
since I’d last had it back in August at
Three Scales at 37lb 10oz.
37lb, and with it being another upper30 in December I was just as happy as
when I’d had it the first time. The fish
was also displaying some winter
colours with a deeper orange and a
reddish glow. With the fish returned
to the lake I packed away all evidence
once again, as I still wanted to keep
everything as quiet as possible, and
with me being the only one on I
hoped it would stay that way until the
New Year at least.
The rain continued through the
night and I got my head down about
midnight half expecting to be woken
up by another take. At 3.48am just
that happened, but unfortunately it
turned out to be nothing more than a
tuftie that had taken a liking to my
hookbait. Luckily for the bird it got off,
so after tying on another fresh rig and
casting it back out to the same area I
got back in the bag and got a few
more hours’ sleep. I was back up just
before first light just as the rain
stopped, and as I sat there a fish
poked its head out not a million miles
away from my middle rod. That was
to be the only action of the morning,
and at 11.30am I packed away and
once again headed off to the Car Park
I stopped off in the café on the way
for some lunch, so I arrived at the lake
just after 1pm. With no one on I had
any choice of swims, but after doing a
couple of laps and not seeing anything I opted to go back in the Curly.
By 3pm the rods were sorted and I sat
watching the water for a bit. As I sat
there with a coffee, at 5.25pm a fish
rolled no more than three yards off my
right hand rod. It only showed the
once, but it was more than I had been
seeing in that area on the last couple
of sessions. Nothing more showed
until 11.42pm when a good fish
cleared the water at range and about
a rod length left of my middle rod.
Again, nothing more showed for the
rest of the session, but I was happy
that I had seen a couple of definite
fish and both had been in the areas
that I had baits. I baited up all three
spots again before I left with a little
mixed Vortex boilie and matching
pellet, and then on the Friday
lunchtime I headed for home.
I t w a s t o b e Tu e s d a y b e f o r e I
returned to the Road Lake as the kids
had broken up for the Christmas holidays, and as a result I kept them
through to the Monday night, but at
5am on the Tuesday I was heading to


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