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A Surprising End To The Year
the lake hoping that the Hump swim
was free. The journey was an absolute
bloody nightmare as the M25 was
closed between junctions 11 and 13
due to a major accident. This meant a
journey that normally takes me one
hour 35 took me four hours. To make
matters worse when I eventually did
get to the exit for the Road Lake, just
as I was coming off the slip road the
fool in the lorry in front realised he
didn’t want to come off and slammed
his brakes on to stop so he could try
and rejoin the M25. I didn’t stop in
time and hit him up the arse! As I
looked in my mirror when I stopped
all I could see was a bloody great
articulated lorry trying to stop. I
thought I was going to be a goner for
sure, and for some reason held on to
the steering wheel as tight as I could,
shut my eyes and waited for the
impact. When after a few seconds
there had been no big bang, I opened
my eyes only to find the lorry had
somehow avoided hitting me and
was parked up with his cab level with
my passenger door up on the verge.
That was a close shave for sure. Fortunately for me there was very little
damage to my van and there was not
a scratch on the lorry, but it could
have been so very different if the lorry
behind had not avoided ploughing
into the back of me.
I eventually arrived at the lake a little before 9am and after putting my
front bumper back together I headed
straight for the Hump swim, as once
again there was no one else on the
lake. I had the rods out by 11am and
then I chilled out with a coffee and
took stock of what could have happened that morning. Another guy
turned up and went down the other
end of the lake in the Bars swim, so
there was just the two of us on. I
thought to myself that if I was fortunate enough to get another take then
I would do the pictures in the Dogleg,
as he wouldn’t be able to see the flash
then. I felt a bit bad not letting on to
people what was happening, but I
really wanted to make the most of
what I had going as I knew it
wouldn’t last forever.
Anyway, mid-afternoon the ripples
started again from the right. The first
set was at 4.20pm, similar to the last
few sessions. Another set came out
from there just three minutes later,
and then another set at 4.31pm. At
7.26pm a fish rolled way out in front of
me, but in Number 2’s water really,
but then at 10.28pm, just as I was
making a coffee the right hand rod
Cat’s Eye on the 21st of December at another biggest weight of 34lb 2oz.
was once again away. I took the kettle
off the stove as I jumped up to go and
grab the rod and then a battle commenced, and boy what a battle it was
too. This fish really scrapped, and at
one point I was sure I was going to
lose the battle, but eventually I managed to gain some line on it and lead
it away from the sanctuary of the
snag. As I still battled to keep the
upper hand on things the fish rolled
up on the surface, and once it was up
there things became a lot easier for
me to control. A couple of minutes
later it was all over and my fourth
December mirror sat in the bottom of
my net. A quick look down the lake
confirmed that I had been heard and I
quickly had a look at my prise. Once
again it looked a decent 30 and after
unhooking it in the net I left the fish to
chill while I got another rig tied up
and got the rod back out. All four fish
had been absolutely nailed and each
time I struggled to get the size 7 Raptor Curve Shank out, especially as I
was doing it with the fish still in the
net in order to keep things quiet and
not get seen.
With the rod sorted and back out
towards the spot I decided to keep
the fish in the net for an hour and
make sure that the guy down the


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