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The other side of the Parrot. It took me
a while to catch a 40lb common, but it
was definitely worth the wait!
dark silhouettes of carp rising from
the water in the bay and I knew I was
in with a good chance of action. My
confidence was buoyed further later
in the night when I heard a couple of
fish crash near the narrow cutthrough in front of me. Sightings of
showing fish were becoming rare as
the year wore on, so I decided not to
shout about the ones in the bay,
because I knew if someone dropped
in that swim then my chances would
dramatically be reduced. It had happened to me earlier in the year; I think
the fish like the freedom in the bay
with no lines in the water and when
they drift out they are less nervy and
more likely to pick up a bait. I did feel
guilty about not telling people what I
had seen but I had to do it for my own
fishing. I easied my conscience by
mentioning the ones in the channel,
which I heard helped get one of the
lads a bite.
Tiredness got the better of me
around midnight so I retired to bed,
but I was up sometime in the early
hours as my middle rod signalled at
take. The fight was uneventful and
didn’t take an inch of line, and I soon
had a chunky common in the net. He
was a bit of a battered old warrior that
had lost a lot of its tail and had a bent
back the same as the 26, but he was a
lot bigger. The scales regestered him
at 34lb 4oz; my biggest November
capture! I was really pleased with
that result in late autumn.
I put a fresh bait on and got the rod
back into position only for it to signal
another bite 30 minutes later! The
fight was the same as the last two
that I had hooked and didn’t take a
single click of line off the spool. The
fish rolled under the rod tip and it did
feel a bit weighty. Just as I was start-
ing to think I might have a November
brace of 30s, disaster struck. The rod
straightened and the rig flew past my
face as the hook pulled out of its
mouth. I was a bit gutted to lose my
ninth fish of the year from the water
and I wondered which fish it could
have been, but I suppose I’ll never
The following night I decided to
put two rods on the productive spot.
This hadn’t worked for me in the past
but I thought it would be worth a go
now that the weed was not as high
and I could disgise my line better. The
first cast landed with a donk right on
the edge of the small spot, leaving me
enough room to squeeze another in. I
wanted to do something a little different on this rod, so I tied up a 7in rig
with a small size 10 hook on. I then
whittled down a 12mm The Edge
flavoured fluoro pop-up to make the
whole rig critically balanced. I didn’t
realise how bouyant these baits were


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