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Well, what can we say about #teamcarponline member Ryan
Hoare? He has been at it again! He has only just started on
his new syndicate and has nailed this stunning 37lb 1oz
mirror using our Scorpion Curved hooks and
With a matt black non-refective finish, our barrel swivels have been tried and
tested and have proven to hold up to the
toughest of tests. Available in UK size 8 packs
of 10 for just £1.89.
The Scorpion Curved hook, in packs of 10, has
a rounded shank that flows smoothly from the
eye to the ultra sharp straight hook point,
coated in a smooth non-reflective teflon
coating to aid in blending into the lake bed.
These are some of the strongest, sharpest
straight out of the packet hooks you will find
in this classic style, making it one of the most
versatile hook patterns.
The Zig Kit, unlike others
available, comes with 18 pieces at an
amazing price! Complete with; 3 x red Zig
Aligner 3 x yellow Zig Aligner 3 x black Zig
Aligner 3 x red Foam Sticks 3 x yellow Foam
Sticks 3 x black Foam Sticks 1 x Zig Foam
Loader (FREE)
An absolutely stunning carp for #teamcarponline member
Matt Cottrell, again using our Scorpion Crank Hook in a
Ronnie rig. Well done, Matt – good angling.
Our E-ZEE Quick Swivel has a longer, openended quick change section onto a barrel with
a large ring swivel. The open end makes
pulling these clips onto the hook nice and
easy, yet keeping the hook nice and secure.
Available in packs of 10.
Totally blown away! #teamcarponline member Steve
Cartwright has just slipped the net under an absolute brute
of a common at 37lb!! Once again our most popular hook,
the Scorpion Curved Hook, standing up to these massive
fish. Skills, Steve! Well done.
Our new hoodies are made from a
high quality material with our logo high up on
the shoulder and our website on the back.
These are very comfortable and loose fitting
and are available in Olive Green, Black and
Grey and in sizes S through to XXXL. Small
size fits children aged 11+. We keep a small
amount in stock, but we may need to order
yours in.
The Line Alinger is a fast and
efficient alternative to using shrink tubing to
create an aggressive hook position by simply
threading the line through the aligner over
your chosen hook link and sliding the line
aligner over the eye of the hook. Currently
available in GREEN however more options will
be available soon.
Our Zig Foam Loader tools are perfect to use
with our Zig Foam sticks. Simply cut the Zig
Foam to the desired length, push it into the
open end of the tool and then pull it through
the Zig Aligner leaving the foam in the Aligner.
You get 3 Zig Foam Loader
Tools for just £2.99!
The Tugnsten Putty is a very heavy
pliable putty (20g) that can be moulded onto
swivels and knots tocritically balance or
overweigh rigs. Available in green (dark green
available shortly) helping to camoflage your
rigs by matching the lake beds.
Made from high quality T-shirts with a small
shoulder logo on the front and our website
address, these lightweight shirts are ideal for
your angling needs. Comfortable fit and
available in sizes XS to 5XL in grey, olive
green or black (other colours
available on request).
The 2mm Shrink Tubing is a
perfect addition to the eyes of Wide Gape and
Curved style hooks to form an extension to
the curve on the shanks adding an aggressive
tunrning action increasing the hooking
efficiency. Shrinking down to appoximately
1/3 of its original size offering a clan and
affective presentation to many different types
of rigs. Available in packs of 10, currently only
avaialble in GREEN (more options will be
released soon)
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The Chod Filament is a strong
filament which can be used, when steamed,
to form perfect Chod Rigs or short hook link
sections by curving it and allowing it to cool
to the desired shape. Currently available in
CLEAR 25lb B/S however other options will be
available soon.


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