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Jottings from the Bank
by Keith Jenkins
ight, this month I
thought I’d do something a bit different.
This month I’m actually writing my article whilst sitting on
the bank so I thought I’d do a ‘From
the Bivvy’ type article (hope you don’t
mind, Tim). Incidentally, back in about
1990 I had an idea for a book, which
was going to be called ‘A Year in the
life of Joe Carp Angler’, and was
going to follow me through a year’s
angling. At the time I’d only written a
couple of articles in magazines like
Carp Fisher and the CAA mag, so I
was indeed Joe Carp Angler. After the
first three months of blanking, how(Top) A few fish were tenting in the
(Below) Early morning thirty – can’t
beat it!
ever, I surmised that the book might
have a limited appeal so I binned the
idea. Tim made a much better fist of
Anyway, I digress. The chances are
that this weekend’s angling will emu-
late the first three months of my nonbook, but Hey! Ho! Let’s go! (Just
heard the Ramones on the radio. See,
it’s instant!). Before we actually go
angling, let me update you on recent
events. Yesterday (Thursday 28th


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