freeline-21 - Page 77

Made In England
Jamie Clossick with a massive Cheshire common.
July) was my last day at work. Hmm,
let me rephrase that. Yesterday was
my last day of being employed; today
I am self-employed and working full
time at Freebird Publishing. It’s all a
bit scary and exciting at the same
time so I thought that the best thing I
could do on my first day was go fishing. Yep, I see that you all agree, so
that’s fine by me. Linda was slightly
sceptical, but when I showed her my
Samsung Notepad (which I’m writing
on now) and assured her that I would
be working whilst I was angling
(which indeed I am) then she seemed
to grudgingly agree to the idea. How
many times I’ll get away with that I’m
not sure, but only time will tell. So, I
set off before midday, destination
Yeovil, but maybe forgot that this was
the first proper Friday after the
schools shut, so the normal two and
three quarter hour journey down the
A303 had another forty five minutes
added to it. I arrived, therefore, at
three thirty, and imagine my dismay
when I saw there was a bloody car in
the car park! All that way, and someone else is there on a Friday afternoon
– would you bloody credit it? I
phoned Mark to complain but, fortunately, the guy (Stuart) was just packing up and so, by four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, I had the place to
Let me just clarify things for the
hard of understanding. It’s Friday
afternoon, end of July, and I’m on a
lake that holds one of the biggest
English carp in the land, amongst
other beauties, and I HAVE IT TO
MYSELF! Going okay so far, don’t you
Now, as we all know, the worst
thing in the world is to come out
Number One in the draw. Pressure’s
on, decisions have to be made, and all
eyes are on you. Well, that’s pretty
much the same when you arrive at a
sixteen-acre lake and there’s no other
bugger fishing! Time for a stroll,
methinks. That’s easier said than
done on a place like Ashmead
because the bank seems to be twice
as long as the lake can accommodate.
After a couple of hours, however, I
had some idea of where to be. I’d seen
some fish in Goat Willow, close in
amongst the weedbeds, but the weed
Hat-trick ball for Stuart Broad –


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