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Made In England
Black Eye looking so much better at 46lb for Carl Williams.
was heavy and the fish not too large,
so I moved on. On the other side of
the spit of land that separates Goat
Willow from the new lake is a swim
called Five Ways, so named because –
oh, I’m sure you can work it out. The
water close in was very cloudy, and
Ashmead carp do tend to give themselves away in this way, so I stood for
a few minutes and, sure enough, there
was a small mirror appearing from the
silt cloud. Oh, just to the left was
another, and another. Probably half a
dozen fish but also a conundrum;
move in on them and spook them out
or don’t move and they bloody stay
there! Time for more walking. Walking
back up the spit, over the bridge onto
the outside perimeter, I carried on
until I was looking across at Five
Ways from Wilson’s Island. Within a
few minutes I’d seen a couple of carp
tenting in the weed in front of me –
interesting. Let’s do the full circuit
before we make our mind up.
Further round I saw a couple more
fish in a similar area to Wilson’s Island
so logged that away. When I got back
to the car, which was still alone, I sat
and pondered for a while. Five Ways
looked good, but it’s quite a close-in
swim, and I was worried that I might
spook them. Time for one more look at
Wilson’s. Once there it all became
obvious. As soon as I got there I saw
a couple of carp tenting in the weed
about thirty yards out, then I watched
as another carp slowly mooched
along the back of a weedbed, fifteen
yards out. It dropped down at one
point, and a huge cloud of silt and
bubbles erupted on the surface. Ten
yards further on it did the same, and
then again in the mouth of the channel that led through to Five Ways. I’d
estimated it at mid-double, but when
it cruised away from the channel,
then leapt from the water ten yards
from me, I stuck another ten pounds
on that estimate – time to get the
Bloody flat tyre on the trolley –
sweating like a bugger when I got to
the swim! I’d decided to go for a bit of
a particle attack over the next few
sessions so I’d made up a mix of
hemp and pigeon conditioner (the
one with the lovely aniseed flavour)
and that certainly added to the
weight of the trolley. Right, gonna go
for a bit of a wade. I fancy one in the
mouth of the channel and even
though it’s only about twenty five
yards away, there’s a lot of weed in
between so I’m going to clear a spot,
put some particle down, then fish a
tiger over the top. Similar with the
other rod in that area, but I’m going to
put that about fifteen yards out,
where that carp first went down and
started bubbling.
Man, that was hot and sweaty, but
I’m really happy with the result.
Found a nice bit of hard clay in the
mouth of the channel and managed to
clear some weed with my feet and the
walking pole. Then I cast a balanced
tiger rig out there and put on a fixed
backlead to get the line down as
much as possible. The other, closer
rod was easier and I found a nice bit


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