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Made In England
of clear in amongst the weed, bang on
where that carp went down. That
one’s also on tigers amongst a few
handfuls of particles. Now for the
other rod. Whilst I was doing the
other two, carp were continually
rolling and tenting in front of the main
part of the swim and now I’m just
watching, deciding where to put a
pop-up boilie.
Mark turned up for a quick chat
before going on holiday, but after ten
minutes of watching the carp in front
of me he was seriously contemplating
coming down for a short overnighter
before leaving for Dover at four in the
morning! I put a bait out close whilst
he was there, but the fish then started
to show a little further out so, once
he’d left, I cast about ten yards further
and spooked a carp in the process –
bugger! It’s nearly nine o’clock and
I’ve only had the bivvy up for about
half an hour. After watching the carp
tenting and swirling I decided that
my bait must be stuck in the weed so
wound in and recast – spooking a
carp in the process. Bloody hell, when
will I bloody learn – ever? Right leave
‘em as they are now, until the morning, or earlier. Rudd were really active
over both particle areas, which I’m
quite happy with, hopefully they’ll
attract the carp over for a look.
Spag bol and a nice bottle of wine
and now it’s dark, and raining. Still
really warm but I’ve heard no carp
since night fell, but having said that
they weren’t exactly making a racket
before. I was thinking about Single
Scale (the big Ashmead mirror). Mark
and I were discussing the said demise
of the Fat Lady and he said that,
within days, even hours, of the news
he received half a dozen phone calls
from people he’d never heard from
before, asking what the chances of a
ticket were. Strangely, I’d been talking
to Stuart about Ashmead and the fact
that most people think you get the
ticket to catch Single. Sure, that’s high
on ‘Reasons to Join’, but very low on
‘Reasons to Rejoin’. The place itself is
like no other and I’m so looking forward to catching one of those stunning twenty pound mirrors, or a nice
thirty pound common. I’ve fished
enough lakes with whacking great
mirrors in, and have been wholly
unsuccessful in their
pursuit, that I know
that they cannot be
the reason to fish a
particular lake – along
that path lies certain
madness. In my
dotage I cherish much
more than to cradle
half a hundredweight
of carp in my arms –
don’t get me wrong, if
that should happen
you will need neither
tweet nor blog to alert
you to the fact, as my
tonsils will do all that
is necessary. But how
many carp anglers are
fishing this very
evening? 50,000?
(Above) Three Ways – looks enticing
doesn’t it?
(Below) A perfect leaving present.
100,000? More? And how many will
have to walk to another lake to find
another angler? And did you see a
buzzard earlier, just cruising across
the trees over there? Did you even
know it was there, or what it was? So
much more, so much more. Anyway,
before I get that old soapbox out, I
think I’ll click off for now and spend
an hour in the company of Alice
Cooper on Planet Rock – what, you’re
not going to sit and listen to the
water? No I ****ing ain’t! Goodnight,
see you in the morning – or maybe
It’s just gone three in the morning
and I’m buzzing! I’ve just had a 31lb
4oz mirror – oh yes, yes, yes! It was
the pop-up rod, the one straight out in
front with a few boilies scattered
around. It zipped off and I was on it
pretty quickly, but after a minute or so
of battle the weed took over, so it was
then about five or six minutes of seesawing the line through the weed to
keep the fish moving. At one point it
became fairly solid, so I put the rod
down and waited for it to kick itself
out, which it did within about a
minute. Then it was just a case of
keeping it moving towards the net.
Must admit, I didn’t think it was that
big during the fight, but that’s what
tends to happen when weed is
involved. When I saw it roll in the


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