freeline-21 - Page 80

Made In England
Dan Coppen with a PB common of 31lb…
… and then a field-tested 19lb Merrick mirror.
torchlight, though, I must admit the
ole bottom tweaked a little until it
was in the net. Oh happy day!
J u s t b e f o r e I w e n t t o b e d I ’d
phoned my son, Vince, and told him
what was happening, and finished by
telling him that I might have to phone
him in the morning, and he said, ‘You
never know, it might be earlier than
that,’ – a statement he just repeated
when I texted him. Not sure how the
photos will come out, but I’ll take a
few of it on the mat first. See, I knew
the particles would work!
Ah, that was a nice kip. Woke up in
time to listen to the second half of
Keith Arthur’s Fisherman’s Blues. He
made a couple of announcements
about the H4H auction we’re doing
on the Freebird website, which was
good. The auction ends on Monday
and I’m hoping we get up to around
three grand, which would be great (I
think we’re at £2400 at the moment).
At the end of the show they had a
quick chat about the Fat Lady, more
to do with it being in the daily papers
than anything really relevant, but if it
had been earlier I might have phoned


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