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Made In England
to talk about it. It’s sad, I know, but we
were only talking last month about
the fact that the spawning this year
had been very stop-start, and the possibility of losing some good fish was
high. Sadly, how true that was. I
remember seeing a photo of her a
couple of years ago when she’d shed
about eight to ten pounds of spawn,
and was down below fifty for the first
time in quite a while, and at the time I
was really pleased. But she obviously
hadn’t really spawned as successfully
since. A couple of stories in Carp-Talk
in the past few weeks highlight this
Firstly there was the photo of the
Cheshire record common, from Tatton
Park, and that appeared twice in a
few weeks, with Jamie Clossick
catching her at her biggest weight of
54lb. As stunning as she obviously is,
it’s evident that she’s holding a hell of
a lot of spawn and I hope she’s able to
cope with that, otherwise she could
go the way of the Fat Lady. On the
other side of the coin there was the
story of Black Eye, from Chad Lakes.
Last year she was being caught about
every twenty minutes, and weighed
around 54lb, but this year she seems
to have been a little more coy, and the
photo of Carl Williams holding her at
46lb shows how stunning she looks at
a spawned out weight. It’s such a difficult subject, and one that we can do
little about, really. We can’t control the
weather, that’s for sure, and although
I adhere to the idea of closing the lake
for the fish, not the anglers, the practicalities are problematic.
Ooh, just a sec. There’s a carp just
below the surface, about ten yards
out. I can see the tail vortices as it’s
moving slowly along the back of the
weed. Obviously I haven’t got a bait
there, but if it carries on for about fifteen yards it’ll find a nice plate of particles with a tiger nut topping. It’s
dropped down now, but at least
they’re still around. It’s a grey old
morning, with a bit of a northerly
blowing, and when I woke originally I
thought they’d done the off, but in the
last few hours I’ve seen two or three
mooching about in the weed, so I
think I’ll stick it out until lunchtime,
then I’ll go for a stroll to see if there’s
anything more enticing.
Back to the spawning subject, and
like I say, it’s very altruistic to say we
should close the lakes every time the
carp look like spawning, but when a
lot of syndicate fees are now in
All with the aid of Clive Williams’
new book.
(Below) Myles Gibson’s season gets
better and better.


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