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Made In England
Dean Connor with a 35lb Cotswold cracker.
excess of £400-£500 what happens to
the lost weekend’s angling? Does the
owner refund the members? Unlikely.
Do the members happily not fish, or
go to another lake that isn’t closed,
thus incurring more expense? Very
tricky. I’m not happy about putting
money before carp care, but I’m afraid
I’m probably in the minority, and as
we all know, carp angling is big business and a lot of people’s livelihoods
are tied up in it – mine included from
yesterday. Round and round we go,
I’m afraid.
That carp’s buggered off now, or
maybe it’s just dropped down and is
following the alluring scent of my
nuts. I heard a fish crash in the channel behind me a little earlier and
when I went to investigate I could see
that the channel was very clouded up.
The carp were obviously there, and I
could see a few pinprick bubbles
coming up here and there, so I’ve
dropped one of the tiger nut rigs in
behind me, with a scattering of particles around it. I fear I may have been
too late; you tend to need to anticipate where the carp will be in the
back channels, and dropping on them
normally means them just moving off
somewhere else.
It’s eight in the evening and I’ve
moved. Just before midday I decided
to go for a stroll so grabbed a rod and
net and went off in search of carp, and
I found quite a few. Sadly, none of
them seemed enticed by my tiger nut
offering; I think there are way too
many naturals around at the moment
to get them to pick up the nuts. As I
was watching, frustrated, I remembered Chilly telling me to always have
some cockles with me when stalking
– good advice, pity I didn’t heed it!
Quite a few fish were opposite where
I was fishing, in and around a fairly
large weedbed, and I wondered if
they’d made a significant move away
from me. When I returned to my swim,
just after three, I sat back and pondered what to do. As I sat there, Jim
Dalton popped his head round the
bivvy and kindly offered me an ice
cold cider – oh, thank the Lord! We
chatted for half an hour or so and I
told him what I’d seen and where. He
then told me that he’d caught the
Long Common from a swim called
Three Ways (yes, it’s called that for
obvious reasons) a few weeks earlier,
after I’d told him that I’d noticed quite
a bit of colour in there. After he left,
the effect of the cider and the walking
came to the obvious conclusion and I
soon nestled down for a little siesta.
An hour later I woke and realised
that I’d missed two things – Stuart
Broad taking a hat trick against India
at Trent Bridge, and the disappearance of the carp in front of me. It had
totally changed, and there wasn’t a
fish in sight, and if I’d just turned up
at the lake I wouldn’t have given Wilson’s a second look – time for a move,
and the obvious choice was Three
Ways. It was only a few hundred
yards away and even though it wasn’t
as clouded as earlier, I still thought it
might be an area where the carp
would pass through during the night,
so, by 6.30, I was moved in and fishing. As you’ll see from the photo, it’s
pretty close-in stuff, but the channel
opposite runs through into the main
lake, and I knew there were fish in
there, as a young guy called Alexei


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